Gay Beach Party – Foam Night – Tue 24th July

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

Tonight sees the return of the Gay Beach Party’s Foam Night. Here are some shots of the party last Tuesday!

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

As you can see its a fun night, so bring your swimsuit!

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

The Gay Beach Party is one of the best nights out in Sitges. Free buses leave from outside the Calipolis Hotel from 12.30am.

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

The party takes place in the beautiful L’Atlantida Club which has its own private beach and is one of the few open air clubs in Spain.

Gay Beach Party, Sitges, Foam Night

For further details check out their full listing on Gay Sitges or visit the Foam Gallery!

Weekend Galleries

Its been a busy week, so here are all the Galleries updated from last week and the weekend! Thanks to all the hot boys who posed!

B Side

B-Side and their hot cowboy Stripper. Gallery Listing


The Prinz Boys Dancing in Oscars on Thursday Gallery Listing


A Saturday night in cool Mediterraneo. Gallery


A busy night and a firm favourite, Bourbons! Gallery Listing


Finally the end of the night at Organic on Saturday. Gallery Listing.

Foam Party – Galleries Uploaded

Sitges Foam Party

The Gay Beach Party Galleries have been uploaded! Gallery 1 and Gallery 2 feature the party shots while some of the hottest photos we have taken can be seen in Gallery 3.


Crazy Foam Party @ Gay Beach Party

Crazy Foam Party

If you have never been to the Gay Beach Party, then tonight is one that we definitely recommend! Foam,foam foam!
Its got to be experienced to be believed!

Last week saw some of the hottest boys in Catalunya attend. Check out the photo galleries on Gay Sitges Guide Galleries Section.

For full details visit the offical Gay Beach Party Site here.

Beach Life in Sitges….. Summer 07

Fun in Sitges

The Beaches are packed every day now. You will find cute guys like the boys above on many of the beaches in Sitges, both straight and gay.

Fun in Sitges

The best time to grab a good spot is from 11am onwards. Get there any later and you’ll be lucky to find enough space for your sandcastle! There is one main gay beach (Playa De La Bossa Rodona) in the centre of town opposite the Calipolis Hotel.

Fun in Sitges

The other beach (Playa del Muerto) is about 40 mins walk from town and comes complete with its own large forest! Balmins, a mixed nudist beach is one of our favourites and is right behind St.Tecla Church….

Fun in Sitges

Check out the Beaches section on Gay Sitges Guide for further details or read all the posts about Beaches here.

Sitges Gay Summer Carnival

Gay Sitges Carnival

Sitges Gay Summer Carnival kicks off this weekend! Expect the unexpected, becasuse everyone is keeping their preparations as a surprise!
If you do want to have fun though, you can follow our trek through Sitges on Saturday! We have some very Special guests!!!!
Stay tuned for the itinerary!

The Shower – Photo Galleries – Online

The Shower, Prinz

We promised you more photos of The Shower, preview show. You can view the gallery on Gay Sitges Guide’s Gallery Section here.

Not for the faint of heart… and for those complaining about the “Stars”… you will just have to come to Sitges and go to Prinz to see the whole lot!


PS: The next Shower Show takes place tonight in Prinz.

The Shower Party @ Prinz!

Prinz, Sitges, Shower Party

We were given a little sneak peak of the Shower Show on Sunday night at Lady Diamonds Spectacular….. The Shower Party takes place every Tuesday.

We suggest you pay them a visit at 1am before you hit the Gay Beach Party later on that night! The show looks amazing! We will have a full gallery of photos for you later today! Check out Prinz’s full listing for further details.

XXL Beach Party and 4th July Celebrations…

XXL, Sitges

The 2nd Beach Party took place on Wed 4th July at XXL. Drag queens with Buckets and Shovels…you have to visit at least once!

XXL, Sitges

It was also the birthday of Denis from Origen Sitges….Happy Birtday!

XXL, Sitges

XXL is located on C.Joan Tarrida and is open every night during Season until 3.30am.

XXL, Sitges

The dancefloor is always packed downstairs with cute guys from around the world!

XXL, Sitges

The cavernous dark room upstairs is one of this bar’s big attractions.

XXL, Sitges

Check out the full gallery on Gay Sitges Guide.

One night in Organic….

Organic Sitges

We were blown away by the talent in Organic on Saturday Night… simply breathtaking!

Organic Sitges

Organic is located on C.Bonaire and is open every night from 2.30am. Look out for special party nights and promotional flyers when you get to Sitges.

Organic Sitges

Guys from around the world mixed with locals and Barcelona Boys to party the night away hard!

Organic Sitges

I guess you have to be fit to party until 6am in the morning… not to mention the private afterparties and now we couldn’t really take a camera there now!

Organic Sitges

To view the full gallery visit Gay Sitges Guide’s Interactive Galleries Page here.

Organic Sitges

Alternatively you can visit their full listing here of their website here.

Organic Sitges

If you are out in Organic don’t forget to say hello and get your photo on Gay Sitges Guide.

Organic Sitges

Of course you also have the chance tonight at the GayBeachParty…. see you there!