Enjoying the weekend in Sitges

Sitges never ceases to amaze… Right now when you expect the season to be coming to an end, the bars are as busy as ever, the weather simply superb..and the boys and girls in even better form than July.

It is a little more relaxed for sure…but with the locals mixing more with the tourists at this time of year, the atmosphere in the bars is altogether friendlier.

Our friends were out in force in both Mediterraneo and Bourbons at the weekend.

Enjoying Bourbons

Remember to get a complete guide on Sitges, visit our Bars and Clubs Listing Pages.

Enjoying Mediterraneo

Come and join us in Sitges…and have a holiday to remember.

Festa De La Verema

A Sitges Boy competing in the annual wine trashing event

The Festa De La Verema was indeed an unusual event. From blessing the wine to screaming in anticipation at a good trashing… it was everything a Sitges festival should be…
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Santa Tecla 2006

Santa Tecla 2006

When: 22nd – 23rd September 2006
Where: Sitges ( See event listing for locations)

For those of you who missed Fiesta Mayor (Shame on you!), you now have a second chance to experience the truly captivating atmostphere of a Sitges Fiesta. The exposicio de Santa Tecla is also known as the mini Fiesta Mayor. For those of you who don't know, Tecla was a woman know for her virtue.

However most Sitgeans don't let that get in the way of having a great party. Expect lots of fireworks, noisey bands and the usual street parades. The last big event of the Summer, make sure you try and take in the atmosphere before it disappears for another year.

See the Santa Tecla listing on GSG for a full Calendar.

Sitges Wine Festival – Festa De La Varema

Festa De La Varema

When: Sep 15th to Sep 17th.
Where: All over Sitges – See Events Calendar

What better way to celebrate a party with some wine… and what better party to celebrate than the wine festival. Held every September, this year's wine festival is dedicated to to Cantabria (Northern Spanish region).

For further information and a full Calendar of Events visit the events listing page on GSG.

Enjoying the end of Season Party at GBP

All good things must come to an end and so it is with the Gay Beach Party for this season. The night saw lots of local Sitgeans mixing with mostly German and Dutch tourists… the French and Italians have mostly gone back home, with the exception of a few cuties, two of whom we decided to show you here.

French Boys Sitges

Of course the lovely go-go boys were on hand to provide some eye candy and entertainment throughout the night.

French Boys Sitges.

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Shop until you drop…

Shopping in Sitges

This Sunday sees an end of Season clearance sale in La Fragata, which is the beach located in front of the Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla church from 11am to 8pm… so shop for some bargins!

For those of you who are easily lost and don't know where the church is, here is a simple map of the beach.

Shopping in Sitges, Map, Guide

Bel Ami Models hit Sitges

.Bel Ami Models Sitges

The Bel Ami Models are going to be filming in a Secret Location in Sitges… but they will be going out on the town of course! So keep an eye out for them on the beach and check out the film later on this season.

Bear’s Month

We've already mentioned the 2 big bear events that take place this September. Sitge's get's so busy that the owners of XXL have to open a special bar to cater for demand…So especially for Bears and their admirers they have converted the Downtown Bar into a sort of cave. Its right below the Bear's Bar.

Nick outside Bear's Cave, Sitges

Pictured above is Nick from Outlet Spain who is also working in the bar at night…. say hello when you drop in, he's lovely.

Rome outside Bear's Cave, Sitges

Pictured above is Rome, the owner of XXL and promoter of the Bear's Cave.

Both bars are on C.Bonaire which is the same street as The Organic Club, so its easy to find.


A night out in Bourbons, Sitges

Thursday night and what's a boy to do in Sitges…. go out of course! So we stopped by Bourbons for a few.. and well, practically spent the night there!

The bar staff looked after us very well though. Say hi to them when you visit.

Bourbons Bar, Sitges

From left to right, Daniel, Philippe and Max.

As usual, the bar was packed and we met the usual assortment of Globetrotters from France, Belgium, Germany and a few locals for good measure.

Customers at Bourbons Bar, Sitges

For a great night out… any night! Visit Bourbons

PS:. Out in Bourbons a few weeks ago we spotted these guys having lots of fun too… just to give you a taste of who goes there!

Bourbons Bar, Sitges

And you can say hi to the guy on the left in Privilege Bar.. his name is Fabrico…

Bourbons Bar, Sitges