A night out in Bourbons, Sitges

Thursday night and what's a boy to do in Sitges…. go out of course! So we stopped by Bourbons for a few.. and well, practically spent the night there!

The bar staff looked after us very well though. Say hi to them when you visit.

Bourbons Bar, Sitges

From left to right, Daniel, Philippe and Max.

As usual, the bar was packed and we met the usual assortment of Globetrotters from France, Belgium, Germany and a few locals for good measure.

Customers at Bourbons Bar, Sitges

For a great night out… any night! Visit Bourbons

PS:. Out in Bourbons a few weeks ago we spotted these guys having lots of fun too… just to give you a taste of who goes there!

Bourbons Bar, Sitges

And you can say hi to the guy on the left in Privilege Bar.. his name is Fabrico…

Bourbons Bar, Sitges