Carnival Begins… in El Candil…

Sitges Carnival Begins

Carnival is here. You could feel the party atmosphere in the Bars and Clubs last night. Lots of new faces mixing with familiar friends!

El Candil

Its a Sitges tradition… and probably one of the best ways to begin your Carnival experience. Or so we have been told! Tonigt sees the first of the major parties kick off at 7pm in El Candil.

The “Noche De Las Putas” is an experince you will not foget!

Lights in Carnival, Sitges

And when it gets dark, you can be sure to find your way home. This is the first year the council have put lights up for the Carnival. Its almost Christmas-like. But then again, every day is like Christmas in Sitges…. and Carnival is the biggest party of them all.

Bourbons Bar – Open this Saturday!

Bourbons Bar, Sitges, Carnival

Remember to join Eric and Carlos for some great music and a wonferful party atmostphere as they open tonight for a pre carnival celebration! Expect the ususal fab boys and classic videos!

Sitges Carnaval, Bourbons

For further details visit, Bourbons

B Side, Noche De Las Mas Bellas!

Carnival in B-Side

Get your glad rags on pay a visit to B-Side on the 16th of Jan and you could win EUR 200, just for looking Georgeous. Their “Noche De Las Mas Bellas” is a paradoy on the famous “Sheila's Wheels” ads on British Sky Television. Just think pink and you'll get the picture.

The event takes place on Friday the 16th of Feb.

Carnival Events – Latest News

Bournons Bar

Our headline news is that Bourbons Bar – (website) reopens after their winter break on the 10th of Feb for Carnival and then again on the 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th. Get your daily dose of great music, fantastic atmosphere and beautiful boys with hosts Eric and Carlos.

Sauna Sitges

Sauna Sitges on Espalter are having a special “Fiesta Del Paquette”… and if you can't work that one out then you will be like a lamb to the slaughter in the Sauna! Entry is free.

Man Bar Sitges, XXL

Man Bar is also re-opening for Carnival and is having an Underwear night on the 19th, whilst XXL is having a glamour night on the 15th with prizes for the best costume.

We will have details of what the other bars are planning over the next week.

The Perfect Valentines Day in Sitges

Valentines Day Sitges

Assuming you have the perfect apartment or Guest Room, take breakfast in one of the many cafes facing the sea. Then pop on the train to Barcelona and head for CatheHelicopters. Barcelona is a beautiful city and its architecture looks even more amazing from the Sky. It really is romantic as you take in the breataking views over the mountains and down into the city itself.

Romantic Valentines in Sitges

Do some shopping when you finish… we recommend something expensive with a diamond or two… or for those looking for something more unique, try the Encants Vells or “Old Gems” market whch is a cross between a jumble sale and an antiques market. Great fun!

Sitges Romantic

On your return to Sitges, stop off at the Hotel Romantic for a nice cool crisp glass of Cava.

Sitges Valentines Day

Then after your little Siesta, head out for a nice dinner. Want something traditionally delicious, then try Monroe's. Want something different and exotic, they try Siithai. Want to blow your budget, then try La Fragata. A full list of restaurants is available here.

Valentines Day

After dinner, the entire of Sitges will be at your feet. As its Carnival every bar, club and late night cafe will be open and packed with people out to partry!

So enjoy!

Sitges Carnival Costumes…

Carnival Costumes

Last year the theme as always seemed to focus on feathers, leathers and supermen! Bunnies included!

Even though Carnival is not stricly a gay event, there are several days which have been claimed by local gay boys and girls as there own. Believe it or not, the majority of the boys you see walking round dressed up as women are actually straight… or so they say… we don't believe a word of it!

Carnival Costumes
Our 2 American super heroes were in town and left very little to the imagination!

Some locals have been planning what to wear since last October, so expect some spectacular outfits over the 5 days of the event.

Carnival Costumes

Carnival takes place this Feb 14th and lasts approximately 1 week.

If you are in Sitges and want a customised costume, we recommend you try,

Carnival Update – New Site Live

Sitges Carnival, 2007

Boys and girls… we keep getting questions about Carnival…and as soon as we know the schedule, we will let you know. The fact is, many of the event details are released at the very last minute, so be sure to visit the site and sign-up for the alerts as we get them.

Sitges Carnival / Carnaval – Feb 14th 2006

Sitges Carnival

What perfect way to celebrate this Valentine's Day than with a visit to Sitges and take in Carnival while you are at it! Yes, the Sitges Carnival kicks off this year on the 14th of February.

Sitges Carnaval

Hotels and apartments are almost completely booked out so we recommend that you book now to avoid disappointment. The fact that it falls on a Valentines celebration means accommodation will be even harder to find. Visit to book your very own apartment, or try Andy's Rooms for Private rooms in the centre of Sitges.

Check out the full gallery for more photos.

Note We will provide further details as they become available, but many of the events are kept secret until the very last minute so be sure to check back closer to the even for more updates.