Carnival, BSide, Bourbons, Prinz

B Side Carnival

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The boys of B-Side looked truly amazing last night! The theme… “Sheilas Wheels”…. very sexy. Neil had a helping hand from some of his scottish friends!

Charlies Angels

The “Charlies Angels” look…. even though the heels were killing them!

Rome, Sitges

Rome… aka the owner of Man Bar/XXL/El Horno had a lovely little dutch girl routine going on! You work it girl!

B Side Sitges

Mine's bigger than yours! As the night continued more and more “bellas” visited B-Side for the EUR 200 prize money.

Bourbons Bar

After B-Side it was off to Bourbons Bar, one street down. Eric, Carlos and the guys looked spectacular.

Bite Me

This drag-queen took no prisoners. Nice taste in nipples too!

Bourbons, Sitges

His lucky night or theirs?

Bourbons Carnival

Lucky girl… so greedy!

Carnival in Bourbons Bar, Sitges

Did somebody say make-up?

Lady Diamond, Prinz

Then it was on to Prinz at the other end of town. Marco and Lady Diamond put on a show to remember with their Fallen Angels routine.

We were well looked after by the lovely Ryan!

Prinz, Carnival, Sitges

Marco and Lady.. showing some skin!

Marco, Prinz

Marco showing us his talents on stage!

The Prinz show will be held once more on Sunday and Monday of this week.

See you all again tomorrow!

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B Side – Gallery
Bourbons – Gallery
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The King of Carnival Arrives in Specacular Fashion!

The King Arrives

The King of Carnival Arrives. This years theme is based around all things Egyptian. The entire event can be seen in our interactive photo gallery here.

Master of Ceremonies, Sitges Carnival

The master of ceremonies directed all of the guys and girls in costume to some of the campest music we've heard! Think the Bangles, Bonnie Tyler and Cher!

Costumes for Carnival

Some people have been planning their costumes since last years carnival ended.

Sitges Snow

The “Sitges Snow” can not be avoided… it gets everywhere. Just find someone nice to, ahem, brush it off you!

Dancing in Sitges Carnival

Dancing the little socks off, the entire event had over 200 people on Stage over a 1 hour period. The parade itself took over 2 hours to make its way through town.

Rio Costumes Carnival

No, you're not in Rio, you're in Cap De La Vila, the square in the centre of town.

Walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian. Each costume took over 3 weeks to make and is cared for by a dedicated group of individuals who look after everything from design to mending!

Stage, La Fragata

The parade culminated in a spectacular show in La Fragata with the Santa Tecla church as an impressive backdrop.


The Master of Ceremonies read the proclamation and the festivities soon began as the king made his way through the town on a serpant.

Carnival Begins

Finally, the entire event ends in an amazing display of revelery as the 2007 Sitges Carnival offically begins!

You can view another 140 photos in our interactive gallery showing the entire event from start to finish!

Carnival Events – Friday 16th Feb

What a night last night! A spectacular Egyptian theme for Carnival 07! We will have all the photos for you later on today. But first, Friday night is going to be long and late! Nearly all of the bars have something planned and here are our selection of favourites. Your're guaranteed to have a great night out.

Monroes Carnival, Sitges

If you are luck enough, you might squeeze into Monroes for Drag Queen Bingo, but we doubt it! Their Sunday Lunch is also worth trying to book. Delicious.

La Torka, Carnival, Sitges

Start off in La Torka and their Noche Veneciana. Expect lots of Venetian masks and French Glamour.

Bourbon's, Carnival, Sitges

Then off to Bourbons Bar which reopens especially for Canrival.

B-Side, Carnival

Then try B-Side where the “Noche de las mas bellas” has prizes of over EUR 200 for the most beautiful girl in the bar! Dress-up!

B-Side, Carnival

Then try Prinz where Marco and Lady Diamond will be performing their “Fallen Angels” routine… they've been practicing all week long.

B-Side, Carnival

Finally why not burn the candle at noth ends and finish off in Trailer disco, which gets busy well after 3.30.

Noche de Turistas – Photo Gallery

La Locacola

Wednesday night saw La Locacola become centre stage, when the “Noche de Turistas” kicked off with glam packed action all night!

La Locacola

Johanna stole the show.. all white and innocent!

La Locacola

The boys from Oreks centrainly know how to glam-up!

La Locacola

Francois wowed the crowd with his fetching number! He'd look good in anything!

La Locacola

Our very own host for the evening…. a barmaid like no other!

The full gallery of photos can be viewed here.

La LocaCola is located on C.Bonaire. Their full listing can be seen on Gay Sitges Guide here.

The Arrival of King Carnestoles – Today 6pm

Kind Carnestoles

The Carnival King officially arives in town today. He makes his way through town from 6pm, leaving Plaza Catalunya and heading through the town to La Fragata for the reading of the proclamation…. and then all hell breaks loose!

The official route is as follows:

Rua d’en Carnestoltes: Pl.Catalunya,Camí de la Fita, Camí dels Capellans,Carretera de les costes, Sant Honorat,Emili Picó, Jesús, Cap de la Vila,Parellades, Bonaire, Passeig de la Ribera, La Fragata.

You will be able to see some of the parade on the webcam, live!

See you there!

Las Vegas at Parrots and Organic – Miss Carnival 2007

Parrots, Sitges, Carnival

Parrots re-opened last night with a Las Vegas Theme.

Parrots, Sitges, Carnival

Gone are the leaves (you have to have been here to know what I mean) and insted is a Vegas inspired interior with drag queens galore!
We will have more photos of Parrots later on today.

Parrots, Sitges, Carnival

You can also get some “French Tarts” with your beer in Parrots… if you're good!

Organic, Sitges, Carnival

Tonight as well as the official start of Carnival, Organic re-opens for the entire event with the Miss Carnival 2007! Doors open at 2.30am

Noche de las Mantillas – Bar Comodin – Gallery now Online.

Bar Comodin

So many parties, so little time! The Night of Las Mantillas in Bar Comodin on Tuesday night was amazing. If you ever want to visit a club where people really know how to party then this is it! Hot Salsa dancers mix with over-the-top drag queens to create a unique ambience! Fab!

Bar Comodin

Old drag queens mixed with new as costumes became more outrageous as the night went on till the small hours of the morning.

Bar Comodin

Cute boys mixed with well-known locals and tourists alike in what had to be one of the best nights we've seen in a long time in Sitges.

Bar Comodin is located on Taco and their listing on Gay Sitges Guide can be found here.

The entire photo gallery of the night is located here.

Happy Valentines – Noche Las Turistas

Beach House Restaurant, Sitges

Good news on the restaurant front. The Beach House has re-opened for Carnival and will remain open for the entire season. 4 course menu remains keenly priced at 19.90€ and the food is excellent. Reservations are highly recommended 664 686 999.

Noche La Touristas

Happy Valentines Day to all of our readers. Its now well into Carnival and to have 2 celebrations on the same day makes for an even better night out in Sitges, if that could even be possible.

Tonight is Noche Las Turistas in La Locacola. As you can see from their colourful flyer, expect a flamboyant night!

Show de la Mantilla

Show de la Mantilla

Gay Carnival events continue apace with the night of “La Mantillas” taking place this Tuesday. A special dinner takes place first in Restaurante Alma and then on to Comodin for their usual gala spectacular.

Bar Comodin

For those of you who want to know, the lightweight ornamental mantilla came into use in the warmer regions of Spain towards the end of the sixteenth century, and ones made of lace caught the fancy of some elegant ladies in the following century, as seen in some portraits by Velázquez. However, the ladies of the court and the upper echelons of society did not take to it until the eighteenth century. In the nineteenth century, Queen Isabel II (1833-1868) actively encouraged its use. The practice diminished after her death, and by 1900 the use of the mantilla became largely limited to special ceremonies, such as bullfights, Holy Week and weddings…. and by Drag Queens out to impress at Carnival!

See you tonight!

Noche de las Putas – in El Candil

El Candil, Sitges

Sitges Gay Carnival kicked off with a Bang on Sunday night with the opening of “Noche de las Putas” in El Candil.

Carnival Sitges

Many familiar faces enjoyed a great night out. The atmosphere was great as the drinks flowed along with the ball gowns!

El Candil, Sitges

The hostess with the mostess along with Jose and Jorge…

Sitges Carnival El Candil

Don't they make a fab couple!

Sitges Carnaval El Candil

Ready for his close-up.

El Candil, Noche de las Putas

The bar staff had the whole geisha girl thing going on! El Candil is located on Carreta, 9.

A full gallery of photos can be viewed here.