Sitges Carnival Costumes…

Carnival Costumes

Last year the theme as always seemed to focus on feathers, leathers and supermen! Bunnies included!

Even though Carnival is not stricly a gay event, there are several days which have been claimed by local gay boys and girls as there own. Believe it or not, the majority of the boys you see walking round dressed up as women are actually straight… or so they say… we don't believe a word of it!

Carnival Costumes
Our 2 American super heroes were in town and left very little to the imagination!

Some locals have been planning what to wear since last October, so expect some spectacular outfits over the 5 days of the event.

Carnival Costumes

Carnival takes place this Feb 14th and lasts approximately 1 week.

If you are in Sitges and want a customised costume, we recommend you try,