Carnival Begins… in El Candil…

Sitges Carnival Begins

Carnival is here. You could feel the party atmosphere in the Bars and Clubs last night. Lots of new faces mixing with familiar friends!

El Candil

Its a Sitges tradition… and probably one of the best ways to begin your Carnival experience. Or so we have been told! Tonigt sees the first of the major parties kick off at 7pm in El Candil.

The “Noche De Las Putas” is an experince you will not foget!

Lights in Carnival, Sitges

And when it gets dark, you can be sure to find your way home. This is the first year the council have put lights up for the Carnival. Its almost Christmas-like. But then again, every day is like Christmas in Sitges…. and Carnival is the biggest party of them all.