The Perfect Valentines Day in Sitges

Valentines Day Sitges

Assuming you have the perfect apartment or Guest Room, take breakfast in one of the many cafes facing the sea. Then pop on the train to Barcelona and head for CatheHelicopters. Barcelona is a beautiful city and its architecture looks even more amazing from the Sky. It really is romantic as you take in the breataking views over the mountains and down into the city itself.

Romantic Valentines in Sitges

Do some shopping when you finish… we recommend something expensive with a diamond or two… or for those looking for something more unique, try the Encants Vells or “Old Gems” market whch is a cross between a jumble sale and an antiques market. Great fun!

Sitges Romantic

On your return to Sitges, stop off at the Hotel Romantic for a nice cool crisp glass of Cava.

Sitges Valentines Day

Then after your little Siesta, head out for a nice dinner. Want something traditionally delicious, then try Monroe's. Want something different and exotic, they try Siithai. Want to blow your budget, then try La Fragata. A full list of restaurants is available here.

Valentines Day

After dinner, the entire of Sitges will be at your feet. As its Carnival every bar, club and late night cafe will be open and packed with people out to partry!

So enjoy!