Sitges Wine Festival 2009 – Festival Celebrations

The Sitges Wine Festival – Finale on Sunday.

Marypili – Fiesta Lola – Sitges 2009

Saturday night saw the return or Sitges Biggest Party for gay girls and their friends. Fiesta Lola, by Marypili, took place at Privilege. The party kicked off at 10.30 and went on to the small hours of the morning. Check out the photos on Gay Sitges Guide below.

Oreks, September in Sitges

Saturday night and we took a quick tour around Sitges. All of the bars were busy, and Oreks was no exception. [sspdc album = 1097 style = matrix] Check out all of Oreks photos below on Gay Sitges Guide.

Bourbons Bar – September in Sitges..

Another September in Sitges – Bourbons Bar 2009.

Friday – Its the weekend in Sitges!

There’s always something to do in Sitges..

The Bears are still in Sitges..

The bears are still in Sitges…