Santa Tecla – Sitges 2009

Santa Tecla Sitges 2009

The Santa Tecla Festival is currently taking place in Sitges. Tonight is one of the key nights, with a special fireworks display taking place on the beach from 11pm.

[youtube: 425 344]

[youtube: 425 344]

Before that we have a 21 Gun Salute at 2pm, Musical Concert on La Ribera at 6pm and a Town Procession at 6.45pm:Ajuntament, Major, Cap de la Vila, Jesus, Sant Sebstian, Sant Damia, Rafael Llopart, Port de N’Alegre, Baluard, Vidal, Quadras, Fonollar, Baluard

For more information contact Gay Sitges Guide’s listing for Santa Tecla here.

Sitges Wine Festival 2009 – Festival Celebrations

Wine Trashing Sitges

The Sitges wine festival concluded on Sunday with the trashing of the grapes. Check out the video before which shows a lighter side of the festival, where the winner of the beauty pageant gets to win her own weight in wine!

[youtube: 425 344]
Video Courtsey of Wirdheim in Vilanova

The wine festival takes place every September and is sponsored by Torres one of the most famous vineyards in Spain.

Sitges Wine Festival

There is also an international food fair with plenty of advice on what wine goes with what food!

Sitges Wine Festival

Produce ranges from delicious chocolates to local cheeses..

Sitges Wine Festival

Competition amongst the teams for the barrel rolling and grape trashing is fierce!

Sitges Wine Festival

The festival is now over 4 decades old and celebrates the culmination of the wine crop for each year.

Sitges Wine Festival

Bourbons Bar – Sitges in September 2009!

Bourbons Bar Sitges

Saturday night and out final stop was to Bourbons Bar.

Bourbons Bar Sitges

Its a great place to start of finish your night out!

Bourbons Bar Sitges

You can check out the photos of Bourbons Bar on Gay Sitges Guide below.

A night in Queenz Bar – Sitges in September 2009

Sitges, Queenz

As we made our way from party to bar, we popped into Queenz. Yet another busy bar in Sitges. September shows now signs of slowing down!

[sspdc album = 1096 style = matrix]

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Marypili – Fiesta Lola – Sitges 2009

Fiesta Lola Sitges

Saturday night saw the return or Sitges Biggest Party for gay girls and their friends.

Fiesta Lola Sitges

Fiesta Lola, by Marypili, took place at Privilege.

Fiesta Lola Sitges

The party kicked off at 10.30 and went on to the small hours of the morning. Check out the photos on Gay Sitges Guide below.

Oreks, September in Sitges

Oreks Sitges

Saturday night and we took a quick tour around Sitges. All of the bars were busy, and Oreks was no exception.

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Bourbons Bar – September in Sitges..

September in Sitges

September in Sitges and it was time to pay a visit to Bourbons Bar.

September in Sitges

We arrived around 1am, and the bar was full resembling more of an early August than a mid September. It appears that some boys just cant get enough of Sitges.

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Check out all of Bourbons Bar’s photos on Gay Sitges Guide below. See you out tonight!

Monroes – Moving up in the world!


“MONROES UP FOR SALE?” – Monroes restaurant is not up for sale, Pablo and Ben will be closing down for the winter months and having a well deserved rest, Doing some traveling and a very long holiday to Thailand.

The current location of the restaurant will be changing as their landlords of the restaurant space have decided to sell it since their contract with Monroes terminates at the end of October. This doesn’t mean that Monroes is disappearing from the “Sitges Scene” just its current “location”.

We at Gay Sitges Guide wish them very well in their new venture. As with everything they do, we are sure it will be a sparkling success. And as we know more, you will be the first to know what really is happening!

Friday – Its the weekend in Sitges!

Gay Sitges Weekend

There’s always something to do in Sitges… and this weekend, why not enjoy yourself and your friends…. at XXL, Man Bar, Bears Bar and afterward at Sauna Sitges. And if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, check out our Cruising Section.

Happy hours in Sitges

And of course you can always get value for money with the great drinks promotions at Oreks, B-Side, Azul, El Horno and Privilege! Check out the bar section of Gay Sitges Guide for more details.

The Bears are still in Sitges..

Bears in Sitges

Well, the bears are still in Sitges… some of them anyway…

Bears in Sitges

And they always seem to be in between XXL and El Horno! Find out more by visiting the bars section of Gay Sitges Guide here.