Bears Bar Sitges – Special Offer

Bears Bar Sitges

Say hello to Yves, photographed above in his cosy Bears' Bar which is the de-facto home for Bears from all around the world, when on holidays in Sitges. Bears bars famous summer parties are infamous as are there two darkrooms, complete with sling and St. Andrew's cross.

Yves, being the perfect French gentleman, invites you for a free drink in his bar. Just present this voucher upon your visit before 11pm and receive your next drink for free.

Bears Bar Sitges

Check out their full listing here.

The Sitges-Formentera Regata 2007


The details of the Sitges to Formentera Regata have been announced recently. For those of you who have marvelled at the beauty of some of the yachts that grace the port of Aguadolc, then this is an event to put in your diary. It takes place on the 5th of April 2007 and will see a flotilla of beautiful ships leave Sitges for Formentera in the heart of the Meditterranean.

Check out Regata Ophiusa for more details.

Windsurfing in Sitges, January 2007

Windsurfing in Sitges

I think the photo above says it all about yesterday. The weather was truly spectacular at 22 degrees. People were on the beach sunbathing and the windsufers were out in force, testing the waves and the wind just ouside Play Del Muerto or Dead Man's Beach in Sitges.

Windsurfing in Sitges

Althoug the waves are not that high out by that cove, its perfect for windsurfing as the winds roll in from Vilanova…. as we were reliably informed by Rick who windsurfs here every weekend.

Windsurfing in Sitges

Surfing equipment can be rented by the hour in the Port of Aiguadolc.

25% off your Villa or Apartment this March

Sitges Villas, Apartments

Visit Sitges in March and take in the wonderful Sitges Rally or celebrate the beginning of a new Season. The days are longer and brighter, the afternoons an average balmy 22 degrees and the bars and clubs all begin to re-open after their Winter Break.

There's no better time to get a taste for Sitges and what's even better, if you book now you can save up to 25% of the cost of your villa or apartment when you book with in March.

Memories of 2006… looking forward to 2007!

Gay Sitges, Beaches

Well, we can't but help feel sorry for most of Northern Europe at the moment. Battered by storms and winds of over 120kpm/hr, its weather we certainly don't miss. So we dug through our archive of Photos from last year and picked out some of the best beach photos we could find to make your winter evening that little bit warmer! Oh by-the-way….its 19 degrees here and there wasn't a cloud in the sky today. Wish you were here!

 /></p><p>Pete from Laguna… fishing last September in the Port.</p><p><img src=Beaches Section.

Carnival Update – New Site Live

Sitges Carnival, 2007

Boys and girls… we keep getting questions about Carnival…and as soon as we know the schedule, we will let you know. The fact is, many of the event details are released at the very last minute, so be sure to visit the site and sign-up for the alerts as we get them.

Gay Girls Week and Bikini Jam Sitges 2007…… !!

Lesbian Sitges, Sitges for Girls

We have been neglecting our sisters of late, with the effect that every day we are getting more and more questions about what Sitges is like for Gay Girls. Not knowing much about the lesbian scene in Sitges, we asked around and it seems that Sitges is a well kept secret for many and a new discover for others.

Lesbian Sitges, Sitges for Girls

Last year, The Legend Party, one of the biggest lesbian parties ever held in Europe, took place at L'Atlantida disco and was a huge success. This year Wow-Sitges is holding a full week of parties, events and activities catered exclusively for gay girls! We wish them well and are sure that it will be a huge success.

And to top it all off… we came accross this yesterday. Apparently, the 22nd Bikini Jam takes place in Sitges…. yes, Sitges this May 1st to 10th. And no this is not a Gay event. Actually it is decidely “hetro” if you are a gay boy.. but gay girls… hey… have fun and if your bi..then well, you have it made! See you in Sitges.

A night in Prinz and Comodin….

Prinz, Sitges

Sitges is a town full of contrasts… and that's why we love it. Last Saturday night we decided to head to the other side of town and hit Prinz and Comodin for a Saturday Night out.

Prinz, Sitges

Prinz is a great bar and Marco and Ryan are great guys who will make sure your night is one to be remembered!

Prinz, Gay Sitges

Andy they are even lovelier to look at too! After Prinz, we headed over to Comodin. Just re-opened after a winter break, the bar was packed for the Gay Cabaret / Drag show.

Gay Drag Show, Comodin, Sitges

If you ever want to experience how open Sitges is, then you simply must visit Comodin. How they pack the people in we don't know.. but is a very friendly bar and provides some of the best drag acts in town.

Gay Comodin, Sitges

The music played before the show is mostly Latin in origin and don't be surprised if you are pulled onto the dancefloor by a local…. a few provocative thrusts later and who knows where you might be… Ballroom… Latin…. Salsa… and a new husband all in one!

Comodin Gay Cabaret, Sitges

For opening hours and location be sure to visit Prinz Listing and Comodin Listing.

The perfect Villa in Sitges

Villa in Sitges

When visiting Sitges, it is important to remember that a lot of people choose to stay in Self Catering Apartments or Villas. These offer more flexibility, privacy and often times more comfort than hotels, especially if you are travelling in a group.

Sitges Accommodation

There are some spectacular Villas in Sitges and has some of the best Villas available.

Sitges Villa

The Villa featured here is the Villa Shangri La, a Bauhaus style Villa in residential area near Sitges, 5’drive (1km) to beach, with private swimming pool with jet stream, large garden, views on hills and sea perfect for large group of friends.

Sitges Villas

The villa also has a wonderful jacuzzi and a great outdoor BBQ area… perfect for entertaining.

Apartments in Sitges

It is quiet and seculded so no one will disturb you… unless you want them to of course!

Sitges Villas has a wide range of Villas and Apartments available for Sitges and Barcelona. Be sure to consider the Apartment of Villa option for a change of scenery and a more relaxing vacation.

Sitges Statue in San Sebastian

Sitges Statue

Say hello to the Saltamartí… the latest addition to the Sitges seafront in San Sebastian.

Sitges, Roberto Llimós

The statue is part of the Roberto Llimós exhabition which is taking place in Sitges in El Mercat Vell.

Sitges San Sebastian

We think he looks rather fetching… and the little star on his bum is very fashionable at the moment… but then again, this is Sitges, where even the monuments are stylish.