Mr Gay Sitges

What: Mr Gay Sitges
When: Tue 15th 2006
Where: Gay Beach Party

Mister Gay Sitges

This year's Mister Gay Sitges takes place at the Gay Beach Party on Tuesday. Expect some fun scenes as the Spanish boys do battle with the tourists to show who has what it takes to be the next King of Sitges…. or queen…. you never know who might win!


Fancy 3 on 3?

What: The Sitges 3 x 3 Basketball Tournament
When: 12th and 13th August
Where: Platja de la Fragata

Gay Sitges Guide - Basket Ball Tournament, Sitges

Looking for something to “LOOK AT” or watch today and tomorrow? Then get down to Platja de la Fragata to see the Sitges Basketball tournament! All those hot sweaty bodies will be sure to keep your mind busy for a few hours. The event starts early and continues on for most of the day.

The White Party – At the GBP 2006

The White Party, Gay Beach Party, Sitges

This tuesday night is set to be one of the hottest in Sitges, with the White Party taking centre stage at L´Atlántida disco. Remember the white dress code and be sure to get their early! With all those hot men, sand, sea and cocktails… your whites may not stay all that white for long!

Check out the Beach Party page here and be sure to check back on our photo gallery for some photos of the night!

Fiesta Mayor

When: Aug 21st to Aug 27th. Fireworks display on Aug 23rd at 10pm.
Where: All over Sitges.

Fiesta mayor has to be seen to be believed. No other place on earth puts on such a wonderful up-front Fireworks show… You are literally in the middle of it! Just be careful or you might become a firework yourself! Most people wear a hat and a pair of glasses, just in case.

It is a true spectacle. The church forms the backdrop to some spectacular fireworks displays.

The church becomes the backdrop for the spectacular fireworks display

Not to mention the street fireworks. Beware of the Dragon and the masked men. They can come out of nowhere, and they take no prisoners when it comes to frightening tourists.

The dragons shoot fireworks during the Fiesta Mayor in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

To learn more check out the events listing in GSG


Yes…even in Sitges it rains… sometimes

A storm brewing just outside San Pere de Ribes, 5 minutes outside Sitges

We had our first rainshower today in over 4 months. The raindroplets were huge… it was amazing to see. Having a microclimate we normally don't get much rain here.. it generally passes us by and heads directly to Vilanova. But when it does rain, we get a spectacle like you have never seen.

There is very little to do when it rains, except to sit inside and watch people run, the queens are especially funny… minding those designer flip flops isn't easy in a river of sand, mud and water!

Cars have been know to make their way down this street looking more like boats

But don't worry. With over 300 days of sunshine, you probably don't need to pack your unbrella. Just watch where you park your car or it might wind up in the sea

Gay Beach Party

The Gay Beach Party 2006

Gay Beach Party 2006

This year sees the return of the Gay Beach Partry, now in it's fifth year. We highly recommend it…and it is on a Tuesday night so there is not a whole lot else to do.

The venue is amazing. L'atlantida nightclub simply has to be experienced. The whole atmosphere is electric.

One of the many cute boys at GBP 2006

The open air venue just oozes with sexy boys and girls. Great for a party night out.

For further information check out their entry listing on GSG.