Fiesta Mayor

When: Aug 21st to Aug 27th. Fireworks display on Aug 23rd at 10pm.
Where: All over Sitges.

Fiesta mayor has to be seen to be believed. No other place on earth puts on such a wonderful up-front Fireworks show… You are literally in the middle of it! Just be careful or you might become a firework yourself! Most people wear a hat and a pair of glasses, just in case.

It is a true spectacle. The church forms the backdrop to some spectacular fireworks displays.

The church becomes the backdrop for the spectacular fireworks display

Not to mention the street fireworks. Beware of the Dragon and the masked men. They can come out of nowhere, and they take no prisoners when it comes to frightening tourists.

The dragons shoot fireworks during the Fiesta Mayor in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

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