Yes…even in Sitges it rains… sometimes

A storm brewing just outside San Pere de Ribes, 5 minutes outside Sitges

We had our first rainshower today in over 4 months. The raindroplets were huge… it was amazing to see. Having a microclimate we normally don't get much rain here.. it generally passes us by and heads directly to Vilanova. But when it does rain, we get a spectacle like you have never seen.

There is very little to do when it rains, except to sit inside and watch people run, the queens are especially funny… minding those designer flip flops isn't easy in a river of sand, mud and water!

Cars have been know to make their way down this street looking more like boats

But don't worry. With over 300 days of sunshine, you probably don't need to pack your unbrella. Just watch where you park your car or it might wind up in the sea