Ruby’s Terrace Sitges – Busy all summer!

Ruby’s Terrace goes from strength to strength every year! This year’s team of Ruby, David and Ivan have some amazing plans ahead for special Summer theme nights and events!

Ruby’s Terrace – Friday end of June 2013

Ruby’s terrace is now in full swing for the Summer Season. It stretches across most of the first half of Joan Tarrida and there was a queue for tables last night!

An evening at Ruby’s Terrace – June 2013.

Ruby’s terrace has never looked so pretty or been so busy! Roadworks now well complete, the terrace is busy from opening ’till late into the night.

Ruby’s Terrace – Sitges in June.

Ruby’s terrace is right in the heart of Sitges gay street. C.Joan Tarrida has become the centre of gay life in Sitges.

Celebrate Miss Ruby’s Birthday at Ruby’s Terace.

Miss Ruby is hosting her annual birthday celebrations in her very own Terrace in Sitges on Saturday the 25th of May.Now that C.Joan Tarrida has been completely transformed, expect an even bigger terrace and more space for Miss Ruby to strut her stuff!

Rubys Terrace – Fiesta Mayor 2012

Ruby’s Terrace continues to draw in the famous and the infamous of Sitges!

Ruby’s Terrace – August in Sitges.

Now in its second year, with a much larger Terrace, Ruby’s seems to have become the centre of the Sitges Gay Universe!

Ruby’s Terrace – 2 wheel drive?

As many of you know, Miss Ruby is still on 2 wheels… But this night, she was treated to a 4 wheel drive courtesy of Outlet.

Ruby Sitges – Says goodbye for the Season…

Don’t forget, tonight is the official Autumn closing party at Ruby’s Terrace and Bar. Ruby will be hosting a special goodbye (“thanks for commin”) party that is sure to be a spectacular affair.

Ruby’s Terrace during Bears Week Sitges – September 2011..

Ruby’s Terrace has certainly proved a popular venue for Bears this September.. The terrace, which is right in the middle of the “BearZone” had standing room only last night..