Party Every Night at Privilege during Carnival 2014.

Privilege, one of the most popular dance bars in Sitges will open on Thursday the 27th of February until the 5th of March. Experience a different theme and party atmosphere every night at the bar fills up with some of the hottest guys in Sitges!

Halloween in Sitges At Privilege and Union Bar.

The extra warm weather this season has brought out even more sexy and scary monsters in Sitges… The town erupted into a sea of colourful costumes on Thursday night as the bars put on special Halloween parties and events. Visitors and locals danced into the small hours as the town was full of hot guys […]

Autumn Weekends in Sitges at Privilege

Privilege has announced their Autumn line-up for weekends in Sitges. Every Friday night Secre and friends will host a very unique and fun-filled cabaret show.

Sitges – End of August at Privilege

Well August has come to an end and the Summer Season is soon about to make way for Bears Week! The crazy hectic nights of Summer are still continuing, but its just that little bit quieter, as most of the families have returned to work, so there is just a little more room on the beaches and in the bars.

Fiesta Mayor in Sitges at Privilege..

Fiesta Mayor celebrations concluded in Sitges on Saturday Night. We will have more photos of the fireworks and parades from out photographers later this week.

Fiesta Mayor @ Privilege 2013

Its Fiesta Mayor in Sitges.. the town’s biggest festival! Friday night saw a spectacular Firework’s display, the finale of which you can see in the video below.

Privilege – Hot Summer Weekends 2013

This weekend in Sitges was scorching! And the hottest boys in Sitges were in Privilege…

Mid week fun in Privilege…

Temperatures continue to soar in Sitges and the boys are getting hotter too! The influx of hot guys from Barcelona’s Circuit festival continues unabated!

Fridays in Sitges @ Privilege

Friday night and as per usual, Sitges was full of hot European boys mixing it up with locals and boys from further afield! This weekend is one of the busiest weekends in Sitges of the entire year.

Privilege – August long weekend in Sitges…

And so August is upon us! And so is the heat! Temperatures are set to rise continuously over the next few weeks as we see more and more hot guys arrive for the last 4 weeks of Summer fun and Circuit Festivals.