Party the night away in Organic – Sitges Carnival 2014

Carnival is one long long party… so when the bars close and you still want to dance… head to Organic on C.Bonaire. The club is open for Carnival from the 27th of February to the 4th of March. From 2.30.

Fiesta Mayor at Organic Club Sitges 2013

Organic was our final destination for Fiesta Mayor celebrations. The club is open every night throughout the Summer season.

The Organic Club in July – Clubbing in Sitges..

Organic is one of the best places to dance the night away in Sitges. As the bars begin to wind down, the club starts to get busy and stays partying until 6am every morning.

Organic Open this Easter Weekend in Sitges.

Organic will reopen this Easter Weekend from Thursday to Sunday. The club, located in the heart of Sitges Gay Streets will open nightly from 2.30am until late

Organic Club – Autumn Schedule 2012

Organic, Sitges late night dance club is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 2.30am until late, throughout October.

Organic – Fiesta Mayor 2012

Fiesta Mayor and its a time when everyone parties hard and late! And what better place to party than in Organic.

Organic – Anniversary Party.

Organic celebrated its 13th Anniversary in Sitges this year. And they held a very special party in the Club on Friday night.

Easter in Organic – The Fun Continues!

Organic continued to attract the late night party crowd throughout the Easter celebrations in Sitges.