Gay Sitges Clubs – Organic – Sat 22nd May

Check out the photos from The Organic Dance Club on Sat Night the 22nd of May.

Organic on a Gay Sitges Long Weekend…

Sunday night and Organic played host to the closing of the International Bears Meeting. Organic is open every night for the Summer Season from 2.30am. Check out the photos of Organic on Gay Sitges Guide by visiting the link below.

Organic at Easter in Sitges.

Friday night and it was a brand new look for Organic in Sitges.

Organic in August, Sitges 2009.

A Wednesday night in Organic, Sitges.

Swim Wear Party at Organic, Sitges

The Swim wear party takes place in Organic tonight from 2.30am.

A night in Organic, Sitges,2009

A night in Organic, Sitges..