Christmas in Sitges 2013

Christmas in Sitges

As Christmas descends upon us, we have many new visitors staying in Sitges during the festivities. Christmas in Sitges tends to be a more laid back affair, but you will find the locals in a friendly and welcome mood, less rushed than during the peak Summer Season.

If you are looking at celebrating New Years eve, then there are a number of options. Generally the event is celebrated at special dinners. You would be wise to book in advance. L’Angle, Queenz Restaurant and L’Ambassade are have hosting special New Years Menus.

Over the past few years the bars on C.Bonaire have opened before New Years Eve and the trend continues. This year expect Champagne and the obligatory 12 grapes at Privilege, Union and many other bars.

As always, we are still waiting on more information from the bars, but whether you want an aperitif at Loca Cola, some Champagne in La Villa, a cocktail on the heated terrace of Central Bar, a Cabaret show in Comodin or Backstage, or a hot cruisy time in Bukkake, your Christmas wish will be granted in Sitges!

And of course who can resist the great Christmas Bingo nights in Bonita Bonita with GiGi Capri and Miss Pandora!

You can still get some great deals on Apartments for a last minute New Year’s Eve getaway!

Have a great Christmas and a prosperous new year!

Christmas in Sitges 2011….

Sitges Christmas 2011

Emails are coming in now on a daily basis with advice on Christmas in Sitges. To get an idea of Christmas in Sitges, take a look back at the past few year’s archives!

Many of the bars are still open for the December festivities and are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Restaurants with people heading to Bars after 12.30, however some bars will be hosting parties, details of which we will have over the coming weeks.

If you are coming to Sitges for Christmas and New Year 2011/12, then check out our great apartment deals!

Christmas in Sitges at Bourbons

Christmas in Bourbons Sitges

Our next stop was Bourbons Bar..

Christmas in Bourbons Sitges

Always a popular favourite with locals and visitors…

Christmas in Bourbons Sitges

Check out the photos of Bourbons Bar on Gay Sitges Guide below…

Christmas in Sitges at Oreks…

Chirstmas in Oreks 2010

Christmas Eve and our first stop of the night was at Oreks.

Chirstmas in Oreks 2010

Old friends and new faces mixed together on a special night..

Chirstmas in Oreks 2010

Check out the photos of Oreks on Christmas Eve in Gay Sitges below.

XXL Christmas in Sitges…

Christmas in Sitges at XXL

XXL will reopen for the Christmas Season on the 26th of December. So if you’re not happy with your Christmas presents… you can always see if there is something waiting for you upstairs!

XXL will remain open until the 2nd of January. Check out their full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Christmas in Sitges – Dinner at Parrots?

Christmas in Parrots Restaurant

This year, Parrots Restaurant reopens for Christmas from the 17th of December with a special seasonal menu, with “A touch of England…”

There will also be a special Christmas Day Lunch and a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration with Lady Diamond, fresh from her recent tour of the Islands!!

Parrots New Years Eve

Advance bookings are required for NYE/Christmas day as space is limited and selling fast. To reserve contact Darrel on +34 666 967 183. Visit Parrots Restaurant’s listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Christmas in Sitges.. Lady Does a tour of the town..

Lady Diamond

Lady Diamond managed to do a whistle-stop tour of Sitges after her successful performance during Queenz Singalonganxmas..

Lady Diamond

You can check out the Queenz Gallery here.

Lady Diamond

Then it was off to Oreks..

Lady Diamond

Where Christmas presents were ahem.. unwrapped! Check out Oreks Gallery here.

Lady Diamond

Finally it was off to Bourbons Bar..

Lady Diamond

For a nightcap! Check out Bourbons Gallery here.

Johanna’s Show At Queenz Sitges

Queenz Sitges

Johanna had her debut show at Queenz during the weekend..

Queenz Sitges

She entertained the Christmas Crowds with several numbers…with numbers from Cabaret and even some Carnival tunes..

Queenz Sitges

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Bourbons Christmas Week…

Christmas in Bourbons Bar

Saturday night and it was off to Bourbons for the start of the Sitges Christmas Week celebrations.

Christmas in Bourbons Bar

Bourbons is open throughout Christmas with a festival atmosphere and a fun night out!

Christmas in Bourbons Bar

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A Gay New Years Eve in Sitges – at The Liberty Hotel

New Years Eve in Sitges

If you’re looking to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Sitges, then The Liberty Hotel still has a few remaining places left for their New Years Eve Party. Tickets cost EUR 58.

Menu as follows:
Hot Roast Leg of Pork with crackling, red cabbage * Thai Fillet of Beef * Steak and Onion layered Pudding * Grilled Tuna * Coronation Chicken * Puy Lentils, Feta, Roast Tomato & onion salad * Saffron Rice Pilaf * Potato, Leek, Sage & Cheese Gratin *
* Cheese & Pickles *Chocolate Tiramisu * Jon’s Tarte Tatin…

Its a sit down buffet and stand-up party…. with the traditional New Years Eve Grapes and then off to the bars from 1.30am…

*Mulled wine * Cava & wines