Windsurfing in Sitges, January 2007

Windsurfing in Sitges

I think the photo above says it all about yesterday. The weather was truly spectacular at 22 degrees. People were on the beach sunbathing and the windsufers were out in force, testing the waves and the wind just ouside Play Del Muerto or Dead Man's Beach in Sitges.

Windsurfing in Sitges

Althoug the waves are not that high out by that cove, its perfect for windsurfing as the winds roll in from Vilanova…. as we were reliably informed by Rick who windsurfs here every weekend.

Windsurfing in Sitges

Surfing equipment can be rented by the hour in the Port of Aiguadolc.

300 Days of Sunshine in Sitges

Gay Sitges Guide, Beaches

This is the view of Sitges main beaches as the sun sets on another extremely mild Winter's day. So you can imagine what it will be like during the summer! As the sun sets a beautiful orange glow covers the entire sky.

Gay Sitges Guide, Beaches

Sitges has a unique microclimate with over 300 days of sunshine every year. Sometimes Barcelona can be caught up in thunderstorms and clouds while gay boys and girls are getting an allover tan on the beautiful beaches of Sitges.

So whatever time you visit us, you're sure to be in for some great weather. It doesn't matter what the season, your're guaranteed it will be better than most of Western Europe of the US anytime!

For further information visit our Weather and Beaches Section.

Surfing.. Christmas Trees… just another Gay Day in Sitges.

Winter in Sitges

We asked for it… a couple of days ago we were discussing how beautiful the weather was for December… and what happened… it's suddenly gotten decidedly cooler! But never mind. There is still plenty to do and the Winter sunshine here is a summer's day for most of us.

Winter in Sitges

The late evenings are perfect for a walk along the beach, taking in the crisp air and marvelling in the beautiful views of the town, the sea and the mountains of the Penendes region.

Winter in Sitges

The sunsets are still amazing in Sitges. The afternoons are long and warm… perfect for sipping a glass of wine and watching the gay boys walk by.

Winter in Sitges

Walk down La Ribera and pop into a Churingito for a snack before taking off again to do some shopping, sight-seeing or just bask in the Winter sunshine.

Winter in Sitges

There are so many restaurants along this long boulevard. Be sure to check all the menu's as there are some real hidden gems up towards the end of the Calipolis Hotel. Or alternatively, head over past the church for an even wider choice of food and take in the view the spectaular evening sky when the mountains grow closer as the sun goes down.

Winter in Sitges

Earlier on some boys braved the cold water and went for surfing. We even saw some people swimming in the sea later on in the evening. What they were on we don't know!

Surfing in Sitges

The surfers were out in force yesterday and the waves were perfect for some spectacular moves.

Surfing in Sitges

Jorge, the surfer in the photo below, was by far the best on Saturday morning. He surfs most weekends early in the day so be sure to check him out!

Surfing in Sitges

Sitges is taking on a more seasonal air this weekend with the unveiling of the Christmas Tree in Cap de la Villa, (the town square).

Christmas in Sitges

Different in every way, the tree is very “Sitges”, in that it is more a piece of art than a Christmas Tree. But that is what Sitges is all about… that little bit of difference is accepted as normal.

Christmas in Sitges

Where else could you leave a Christmas Tree with glass, real candles and lights in the centre of a town, safe in the knowledge that the only thing anyone is going to do is admire it!

… end of the world? Seasons Changing?

Port Sitges

At the moment it appears that everyone in Sitges and Barcelona is obsessed with the weather. We used to think that this was and Anglo-Celtic facination, but it appears that the weather-de-jour has captured the everyone's attention in Spain. And its no surprise really. Yesterday it hit 24 degrees in Barcelona.

Summer in Winter Sitges

This is odd, even for here at this time of year. And no, we're not complaining. But is is strange to walk around and see people dressed in Summer clothes while you listen to Christmas music and admire Chrimstmas lights (well it is wierd in Europe… maybe not so where Christmas is a Summer event).

 Les Botigues de Sitges

So on our way back from Barcelona we stopped off at Les Botigues de Sitges, a little-know small part of Sitges which can only be reached via the coastal road. A friend of ours recommended we take a camera, as its home to one of the most sandy beaches in all of Catalunya. It also seems to be a firm favourite with dog walkers. As its not really a tourist spot… it seems to be ok to leave your dog off its leash and to swim freely.

 Les Botigues de Sitges

This guy's dog ran away… but he wasn't shy to pose for the camera.

 Les Botigues de Sitges

Ahhh.. he found him!

 Les Botigues de Sitges

This little doggie doesn't want to swim… and we don't blame him.. while it was hot out.. the water looked cold!

 Les Botigues de Sitges

So cute…

 Les Botigues de Sitges

On the way back to the car-park in Barcelona… we ran into these two who were totally engrossed in their music!

 Les Botigues de Sitges

Enjoying a late night dinner in Sitges… always romantic…and the perfect location for a quiet get-away in December!

Come visit us..and see for yourself.

Even when it rains Sitges is still Beautiful.

Well, what weather have we been having! Today the clouds cleared, and it looks like it will be a beautiful weekend… But since Tuesday we have had some spectacular thunder storms, as these photos show. Truly stunning.

Here is a view of the lightening against the clouds over the Port Aiguadolc at Sitges. Reminds me of a scene from the Witches of Eastwick!

Weather in Sitges

And here you have the gathering coulds behind the beach. Believe it or not the water was still warm with people swimming as the lightening hit and the rain poured!

Clouds behind the beach, Weather in Sitges

The forecast for the weekend is good. Sitges generally has a very mild climate with over 300 days of Sunshine. You can check out average temperatures throughout the year here.

Beach Life – Sitges Style

Gay Beach Boy Sitges

Its amazing the things you see on the beaches in Sitges. The weather is still very warm, with yesterday (Sunday) offering us some superb sunshine. We were on San Sebastian Beach, not particulary gay, but definitely full of eye candy. We caught this boy playing catch with his rugby ball and couldn't resist taking some shots.

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33, 34..its hot so whose counting

Hot in Sitges

Some of you were a little worried recently about the rain in Sitges… don't worry… it comes once in the blue moon and as Carlos, our hot boy on the beach above will tell you, the weather this week is set to get hotter and hotter… expect highs of 33 and 35 this week…

Remember to pack your sunscreen!

Yes…even in Sitges it rains… sometimes

A storm brewing just outside San Pere de Ribes, 5 minutes outside Sitges

We had our first rainshower today in over 4 months. The raindroplets were huge… it was amazing to see. Having a microclimate we normally don't get much rain here.. it generally passes us by and heads directly to Vilanova. But when it does rain, we get a spectacle like you have never seen.

There is very little to do when it rains, except to sit inside and watch people run, the queens are especially funny… minding those designer flip flops isn't easy in a river of sand, mud and water!

Cars have been know to make their way down this street looking more like boats

But don't worry. With over 300 days of sunshine, you probably don't need to pack your unbrella. Just watch where you park your car or it might wind up in the sea