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Frank Lampard… Sitges Newest Resident….

Frank Lampard, Sitges

British and Spanish Tabloid newspapers were full of stories reporting Frank Lampard's possible move to either Barcelona or Madrid. Either way, one major newspaper has it on good authority that Frank has bought a house in Sitges…

Sitges, Frank Lampard

Well, from the photo above we think he's, ahem, well equipped to deal with the narrow streets.

Frank Lampard

We're sure the local residents of Sitges will make Frank feel more than welcome! Hes set to join a long list of celebrities who have a second home in the jewel of the Mediterranean.

Windsurfing in Sitges, January 2007

Windsurfing in Sitges

I think the photo above says it all about yesterday. The weather was truly spectacular at 22 degrees. People were on the beach sunbathing and the windsufers were out in force, testing the waves and the wind just ouside Play Del Muerto or Dead Man's Beach in Sitges.

Windsurfing in Sitges

Althoug the waves are not that high out by that cove, its perfect for windsurfing as the winds roll in from Vilanova…. as we were reliably informed by Rick who windsurfs here every weekend.

Windsurfing in Sitges

Surfing equipment can be rented by the hour in the Port of Aiguadolc.

A number on your ass? …007

Aussiebum, Sitges, Spain

Last year, gay beach boys obsessed all about one number “06”… and no we're not talking about inches here. It was the AussieBum 2006 Collection. We have been informed that 2007 will be no different.. just watch the teaster video at the end of this post.

Patriot 2007

However, the big hit down under at the moment is the “wonderjock”… the undies that give you that little bit of lift! No padding… no tricks, apparently an Aussie friend of ours says they are ergonomically designed. We will let you be the judge of that… but we do think you will be seeing lots of “Property of …” jocks disappearing at the foam parties of Sitges this 2007…

Patriot 2007

With more than 44 different country domains visiting our site this past week alone… we just hope there are enough wonderjocks to go around!

To find out what 2007 has in store for Swimwear, check out the latest AussieBum teaster video or visit the AussieBum website for more info.

To find out where you can buy these fab items when in Sitges, visit our shopping section.

Enjoy a game of Roller Hockey.

Roller Hockey Sitges

Roller Hockey is a big Catalan Tradition. The catalans here go crazy for it… as they do with most sports – for some its almost fanatical. There are regular matches in Sitges where you can see the lovely local team play in Pavelló de “Pins Bens” most saturdays.

Roller Hockey Sitges

The game is fast pace and can be brutal at times… getting a slap from one of those sticks gotta hurt!

Roller Hockey Sitges

Check out Club Pati de Sitges for more details.

November Surfing in Sitges

Surfing in Sitges

Aiguadolc beach was treated to a hot Surfing display late yesterday evening when some Australian boys took on the waves of Sitges. The weather was a beautiful 23 degrees yesterday, but the water looked quite cold.

Still though the boys came out smiling, even if they were bemused at their photos being taken! And no they're not local… just here for a few days rest!

Surfing in Sitges = Lovely

Port Sitges/Aiguadolc often sees lots of Spanish boys surfing… but these boys were really good!

Surfer takes on the Waves at Sitges

Windsurfing, Para-Sailing and Jet-Skis can all be arranged via any of the operators by the port. [Official Port Website]

Sitges Surfing, Aiguadolc Beach

Smile, you're on camera!

Say cheese!

The Barcelona-Sitges Cycle Race

Sitges Barcelona

Next weekend sees one of the final races in the Catalan Cycling tour (Cycling is a huge sport over here… all those mountains and shorts you see). The XII Pedalada Ecológica Popular Barcelona-Sitges is taking place on Sunday 5th of November and should see well over 500+ entrants this year.

Road diversions and closures will be in effect from early Sunday morning. If you are out on Sunday its worth a look… the Spanish boys are particularly nice.

Keep Fit and enjoy the beauty of Garaff

Jafra Cycle

We're big fans of the Garaff Natural Park. Next weekend you can see the entire park in its stunning autumn glory by bike…

Leaving from St Pere de Ribes (about 10 minutes bike-ride from Sitges) your route takes in some of the stunning vistas of the Garaff park.

Your final destination is the smallest town in the region, Olivella. This little town is picture perfect. With less than 1,000 inhabitants it remains a typically charming Catalan town and is well worth the 30km journey.

Jafra Cycle

This route is for fit boys only… of course you could always drive up to the village to see all those lovely guys arrive.

The entry fee is EUR 18.

For further information contact

Happy cycling!

Weather’s Still warm in Sitges… What to do in October?

Hot October in Sitges

This weekend sees temperatures in the mid twenties… 24 to 26 degrees each day. So what's a gay boy to do when in Sitges? Well there's always the beach. However if you are feeling a little bit more adventerous, may we recommend spending some time at the Club de Mar de Sitges.

Sailing, Windsurfing, Sitges

Waiting for you in the middle of the seafront of Sitges is the SITGES SEA CLUB, a unique place for enjoying water sports. Its sailing school is approved by the Catalan Sailing Federation and comes complete with qualified instructors. Classes for beginners and experienced yachters. Learn to windsurf and show off to all the boys on the beach!

For further information: *Spanish Language Only
Pg. Marítim, s/n 08870 Sitges Tel. 938940905 Fax 938943844

Fancy 3 on 3?

What: The Sitges 3 x 3 Basketball Tournament
When: 12th and 13th August
Where: Platja de la Fragata

Gay Sitges Guide - Basket Ball Tournament, Sitges

Looking for something to “LOOK AT” or watch today and tomorrow? Then get down to Platja de la Fragata to see the Sitges Basketball tournament! All those hot sweaty bodies will be sure to keep your mind busy for a few hours. The event starts early and continues on for most of the day.