A number on your ass? …007

Aussiebum, Sitges, Spain

Last year, gay beach boys obsessed all about one number “06”… and no we're not talking about inches here. It was the AussieBum 2006 Collection. We have been informed that 2007 will be no different.. just watch the teaster video at the end of this post.

Patriot 2007

However, the big hit down under at the moment is the “wonderjock”… the undies that give you that little bit of lift! No padding… no tricks, apparently an Aussie friend of ours says they are ergonomically designed. We will let you be the judge of that… but we do think you will be seeing lots of “Property of …” jocks disappearing at the foam parties of Sitges this 2007…

Patriot 2007

With more than 44 different country domains visiting our site this past week alone… we just hope there are enough wonderjocks to go around!

To find out what 2007 has in store for Swimwear, check out the latest AussieBum teaster video or visit the AussieBum website for more info.

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