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Flights to Barcelona, Sitges,

Now is the best time to plan your summer trip to Sitges. The season really kicks off in June, but is busy from mid March onwards. Carnival (in Feb) is crazy… and we will cover that event in a different post).

Most of the large airlines are now having their Winter Sales. We did some checking for you and found the following rates for a 10 day return flight.

– Dublin to Barcelona – Aer Lingus – Single Return – EUR 140
– Heathrow to Barcelona – Easy Jet – Single Return – STG 45
– Paris to Barcelona – Air France – Single Return – EUR 170
– Berlin to Barcelona – Air Berlin – Single Return – EUR 230

So, be quick and be clever.. book early and be like a lot of guys who visit here 3 or 4 times a year. For a full list of Airlines, visit our Getting To Sitges Section

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See you in 2007!

Madrid to Barcelona in 4 Hours.

Madrid Barcelona Train

Works on the Barcelona to Madrid route are almost complete. A direct train service between Barcelona and Madrid now runs three days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) which will take four hours.

In addition, two trains will make the journey on Fridays. From December 25, one train will run on Mondays and from January 1, the service will operate on Sundays.

The Barcelona to Sitges stretch is almost complete, but still suffering delays. With the weather cold, you don't get to see nice builders with their kit off like the one above…. but there are still some cute ones about.

Visit the Getting Here section for more info.

Parking in Sitges? Watch out!

Sitges Parking

Sitges is a great place to live and to visit… but some of the rules of the law here are a little odd.. None more so than the parking rules. On the first of every month, on certain streets, the side of the road you can park on changes! Yes. on the 31st of October you park say, on the left hand side… and on the 1st of November… you should be parked on the right! Confused? So are a lot of tourists, who wake-up to find their car replaced by a nice orange traingle-sticker.


It seems only fair that shops get their fair share of customer footfall…so cars park on either side of the road to make things fair for everyone. We often wake up to the sounds of horns blowing (ahem!)… where cars are parked so confusingly on either side of the road that its impossible drive down a street.

Parking in Sitges

The police are quick to fix the problem, but it can be a costly business to get your car back out of the pound.

You have been warned!

Sitges… just a click away

Gay Sitges Flights

Clickair is a relatively new airline based in Barcelona and has the backing of Iberia, Spain's national airline. They are a low-cost airline and currently operate 3 routes but are quickly expanding their interanational network.

They launched here in Spain with much fanfare and a lot of EUR 1 flights were given away. We held off on recommending them as we have seen these type of airlines come and go over the past couple of years. However this airline seems to be genuine and are keeping to their plans of opening more routes over the next 12 months.

By the beginning of March next year the will be flying from major hubs such as Amsterdam and Frankfurt… so consider them when planning your next trip here… just in time for Season 07.

The Gay Route to Sitges

The Road to Sitges, the gay way

For those of you who are traveling to Sitges by car, may we suggest that you take the mountainous route. Didn't know there were two ways to get to Sitges? Well there are! The most common route (C-32) is through the mountians via the autopista. It costs approximately EUR 5 and gets you to Sitges in a jiffy…but it's rather a monotonous route.

We suggest you take the alternative route. Its the C-31. Mind you, you have to be a fairly confident driver. The bends on the road are hairpin and the drop on the other side is spectacular. Not to mention the crazy motorcyclists and the huge trucks roaring past you every five minutes! But it is worth it. We recently took two friends back to the airport via the mountain route at night with a full moon to light our way. The views of Sitges were amazing.

The Road to Sitges, the gay way

So, don't be a common boy or girl. Take the gay route. The views of the little coves and beaches on the way to Sitges are stunning and it is the perfect way to start your trip to Sitges. Of course the best way to travel is in a high-performance car. So book a nice convertible or better still something that will get all the boys turning in your direction. For high performance car rental we suggest you visit Elite Rent-a-Car, a swiss company with offices in Barcelona and a fantastic range of automobiles.

Beats the long queues on the train, that's for sure!

Travel Alert – Long Delays on El Prat BCN to Sitges Line

Men at work

Please note that due to extensive renovations to the El Prat/BCN Train line, passengers are experiencing severe delays in getting to and from the airport to Sitges… but, not to worry, there is an extensive bus service to Sitges. Visit our “Getting to Sitges Section” here, for further information. Its all due to the work being carried out on the line for the high speed AVE train link to Barcelona.

Of course you might see some cute Spanish builders on your travels… nice!