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Flights to Barcelona, Sitges,

Now is the best time to plan your summer trip to Sitges. The season really kicks off in June, but is busy from mid March onwards. Carnival (in Feb) is crazy… and we will cover that event in a different post).

Most of the large airlines are now having their Winter Sales. We did some checking for you and found the following rates for a 10 day return flight.

– Dublin to Barcelona – Aer Lingus – Single Return – EUR 140
– Heathrow to Barcelona – Easy Jet – Single Return – STG 45
– Paris to Barcelona – Air France – Single Return – EUR 170
– Berlin to Barcelona – Air Berlin – Single Return – EUR 230

So, be quick and be clever.. book early and be like a lot of guys who visit here 3 or 4 times a year. For a full list of Airlines, visit our Getting To Sitges Section

Also, if you are looking for Apartments, check out

Or for Private Rooms, try

See you in 2007!

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