The Gay Route to Sitges

The Road to Sitges, the gay way

For those of you who are traveling to Sitges by car, may we suggest that you take the mountainous route. Didn't know there were two ways to get to Sitges? Well there are! The most common route (C-32) is through the mountians via the autopista. It costs approximately EUR 5 and gets you to Sitges in a jiffy…but it's rather a monotonous route.

We suggest you take the alternative route. Its the C-31. Mind you, you have to be a fairly confident driver. The bends on the road are hairpin and the drop on the other side is spectacular. Not to mention the crazy motorcyclists and the huge trucks roaring past you every five minutes! But it is worth it. We recently took two friends back to the airport via the mountain route at night with a full moon to light our way. The views of Sitges were amazing.

The Road to Sitges, the gay way

So, don't be a common boy or girl. Take the gay route. The views of the little coves and beaches on the way to Sitges are stunning and it is the perfect way to start your trip to Sitges. Of course the best way to travel is in a high-performance car. So book a nice convertible or better still something that will get all the boys turning in your direction. For high performance car rental we suggest you visit Elite Rent-a-Car, a swiss company with offices in Barcelona and a fantastic range of automobiles.

Beats the long queues on the train, that's for sure!