Parking in Sitges? Watch out!

Sitges Parking

Sitges is a great place to live and to visit… but some of the rules of the law here are a little odd.. None more so than the parking rules. On the first of every month, on certain streets, the side of the road you can park on changes! Yes. on the 31st of October you park say, on the left hand side… and on the 1st of November… you should be parked on the right! Confused? So are a lot of tourists, who wake-up to find their car replaced by a nice orange traingle-sticker.


It seems only fair that shops get their fair share of customer footfall…so cars park on either side of the road to make things fair for everyone. We often wake up to the sounds of horns blowing (ahem!)… where cars are parked so confusingly on either side of the road that its impossible drive down a street.

Parking in Sitges

The police are quick to fix the problem, but it can be a costly business to get your car back out of the pound.

You have been warned!