Shadow Lounge Bar – Launch Party

We normally leave the Barcelona Bars to our sister guide, but this one was a bit special. Spain's first Oxygen bar opened last night on Thursday 14th of November.

Shadow Lounge Bar

Manhattan blends with Barcelona in this “New York” style lounge bar. The attentive table service together with a wide and varied cocktail menu are a welcome addition to the Barcelona circult. Located in the heart of Barcelona's hippest district, all you need to do is kick-back, relax and try one of the wild varieties of oxygen… yes oxygen! Mango was our favourite and the experience is truly breathtaking… if you'll pardon the pun!

Shadow Lounge Bar
The owners, Brian and James are well know business men in Sitges. The bar appeals to a very mixed crowd…. straight, gay and definitely beautiful! You just have to see the waiters in the uniforms.. kilts and boots… a killer combination! And it appears to be a trend as some of the guests even came in kilts too!

Shadow Lounge Bar
Catherine receiving some smooth-service from one of the Shadow's kilt-clad boys!

Shadow Lounge Bar
James, the owner and host for the evening looking sultry!

Shadow Lounge Bar
The cocktails were flowing well into the late-hours in typical Catalan style… attentively served by the lovely Alex.

Shadow Lounge Bar
James and Brian enjoying what was a very successful launch night.

Shadow Lounge Bar
The Shadow Lounge Bar is located on Consell De Cent 223, 08801, Barcelona.

Opening Hours:
Tue Wed Sun, 19hr-1.00h. Thur Fri Sat, 20hr- 3.00h

We give it 5 stars.

A Catalan Christmas – Some strange traditions…

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

The only Catalan Christmas tradition stranger than the Caga Tió is the caganer. He is typically included in manger scenes along with the usual cast of characters (although generally not in center stage). And yes, he's doing exactly what it looks like he's doing.

At the Fira you can find a whole variety of caganers, ranging from traditional ones like this one to current pop culture and political figures. For a good description of the caganer tradition, take a look at the Wikipedia article.

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

Caga Tiós on display in the Santa Llúcia Christmas market next to the Barcelona cathedral. Caga Tió is one of those peculiar Catalan Christmas customs (like the caganer)…the basic principle is similar to a Mexican piñata, but in the form of a log wearing a red stocking cap.

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

Carte Ingles never disappoints with its Christmas Lights Display

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

The lights on the front of the building are more Las Vegas than Barcelona, but still look great.

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

The “Swags and Tails” lighting around the windows almost looks like real show as you walk up Plaza Cataluna

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

Don't forget to stop off at Fira where you can browse the thousands of the stalls selling some delicious items.

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

Finally stop off for a cocktail at the Hotel Majectic to finish off your day's shopping.

Barcelona is very busy at this time of year. If you haven't booked for Christmas then you will find it difficult to find a place. For the perfect apartment we recommend Barcelona Holiday Accommodation where Brian can help you find what you are looking for.

Christmas in Sitges, Barcelona, Cataluna

… end of the world? Seasons Changing?

Port Sitges

At the moment it appears that everyone in Sitges and Barcelona is obsessed with the weather. We used to think that this was and Anglo-Celtic facination, but it appears that the weather-de-jour has captured the everyone's attention in Spain. And its no surprise really. Yesterday it hit 24 degrees in Barcelona.

Summer in Winter Sitges

This is odd, even for here at this time of year. And no, we're not complaining. But is is strange to walk around and see people dressed in Summer clothes while you listen to Christmas music and admire Chrimstmas lights (well it is wierd in Europe… maybe not so where Christmas is a Summer event).

 Les Botigues de Sitges

So on our way back from Barcelona we stopped off at Les Botigues de Sitges, a little-know small part of Sitges which can only be reached via the coastal road. A friend of ours recommended we take a camera, as its home to one of the most sandy beaches in all of Catalunya. It also seems to be a firm favourite with dog walkers. As its not really a tourist spot… it seems to be ok to leave your dog off its leash and to swim freely.

 Les Botigues de Sitges

This guy's dog ran away… but he wasn't shy to pose for the camera.

 Les Botigues de Sitges

Ahhh.. he found him!

 Les Botigues de Sitges

This little doggie doesn't want to swim… and we don't blame him.. while it was hot out.. the water looked cold!

 Les Botigues de Sitges

So cute…

 Les Botigues de Sitges

On the way back to the car-park in Barcelona… we ran into these two who were totally engrossed in their music!

 Les Botigues de Sitges

Enjoying a late night dinner in Sitges… always romantic…and the perfect location for a quiet get-away in December!

Come visit us..and see for yourself.

Sitghts of Barcelona – Near and Far

Barcelona is an amazing city. Every now and then it helps to get out back into the city and explore the sights of this amazing Catalan capital. It is simply breathtaking… and so close to Sitges you would be mad not to spend a day there! Or two!

Ramblas Street Performers

Definitely not on a Meditterranean Diet!

Ramblas Street Performers

A prince for a princess?

Ramblas Street Performers

Table Service in Barcelona!

Ramblas Street Performers

Golden Cowboy… such effort!

The Ramblas is a must… and don't forget to tip these hardworking entertainers if you wan't to take a photo its how they make a living.

For something completely different you might want to try Tibidabo Amusement Park a funfair/resort located at Barcelona highest point and more than 100 years old!


This rollercoaster may not be as modern and “twisty” as the more modern Port Aventura… but the view more than make's up for it.

Tibidabo Resort

The beautiful Meditterranean facing the city of Barcelona and the Maprfe Building and Hotel Arts Ritz.. a little bit too high-rise, but still spectacular.


What more can we say… how can you not pay a visit to Barcelona on your next trip to Sitges!

Barcelona Enduro 2006

Barcelona Enduro

If you like your men on bikes and in leather, then Barcelona is the place for you this weekend. The Palau Sant Jordi will be converted into an huge indoor dirt track as the Barcelona Enduro Competition kicks off.

Barcelona Enduro

So if you want to see hot boys on their bikes, flying through the sky, then head down to Barcelona this weekend. The show is spectacular.

The event takes place this Sunday, November 26th 2006 at 5 p.m in the beautiful Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona.

The perfect location for your next holiday!

Sitges Holiday Accommodation

Staying in Sitges has been made a lot easier over the past few years. Many old apartments have been completely refurbished and a lot of new developments are catering to the increased demand for high-quality self-catering accommodation. This is all done in the best possible taste, in keeping with Sitges efforts to retain its distinctive charm.

Brian and James from S.H.A

Finding the right place to stay though can still be difficult, which is why we recommend that you use a reputable agent with a solid track record. One such agent is Sitges Holiday Accommodation. Set up in 2002, is a gay, privately owned and operated holiday apartments and villas rental service. Brian and James (pictured above) offer all customers a very personal service, giving advice and recommendations whether guests are visiting the city on business or pleasure.

Sitges Holiday Accommodation

Many of the properties that Brian and James manage are exclusive… that means no other agency has them on their books! They have some stunning apartments and villas with superb views all around Sitges. They also have properties available in Barcelona.

Just imagine sitting on the balcony in the late evening enjoying a refreshing glass of cold Cava as the beautiful boys pass your apartment, walking up and down the beach! Well, don't imagine. Book your 2007 trip now. Remember, quality accommodation is booked out fast, so to avoid disappointment we advise you to book early. What are you waiting for?

Shopping for Summer in 2007

Shopping in Barcelona

Our night in Barcelona was a bit of an excess as we said… so what better way to round it off than by flashing some plastic and visiting Barcelona's Shopping Line!

The city's main shopping thoroughfare is known as the Barcelona Shopping Line. Its 5 mines long and is mostly pedestrianised stretching from the harbour to the uptown Diagonal district, via La Rambla, the old town, the Gothic Quarter and the Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya.

Added to that, it is officially a Shopping Year in Barcelona from March 2006 to 2007…so go on treat yourselves… just look at what you will be wearing next year. Yes, the Summer 2007 range of clothing from top designers such as D&G and D-Squared is already on-sale in BCN.

Shopping in Barcelona

Expect the shoes to be a big hit for Summer 07 from D Squared

Shopping in Barcelona

Bright Colours are back in Vogue for 2007…

Shopping in Barcelona

Same model, different Brand… D&G's collection is “shiny” for Summer.

Shopping in Barcelona

This Madonna T-Shirt will become the must have item for Summer in Sitges next year… expect lots of copies…so check your boy has the original before you rip it off him… happy Shopping.

DSquared and D&G are stocked in Cortes Ingles in Barcelona and in Oscars in Sitges.

A great night out in Barcelona

Mondo Club

Its very easy to over-do things in Barcelona… that's why its always welcoming to return to Sitges to relax… However you have to let your hair down now and then and believe us, there is no better city to do it in than BCN.

The blurring of gay and straight clubs continues in Spain. Yes, there are clear distinctions and you can go to a “Gay Only” club…. but in Barcelona, that seems to happen later on. Most people begin the night in mixed-company and tend to go to the very happening clubs of the moment. One such club is Mondo. Expect lots of hot boys and girls pouring out of designer gear and looking fab.. which, to be honest, is why you want to go there!

You will find Mondo Club by the water on Moll d'Espanya s/n, in the IMAX building.

Pussy Cat

The Pacha clubs are world renowned… (after all their birthplace was in Sitges)… but in Winter you have to pay a trip to the Pacha BCN. Watch out for Sunday nights for the Pussy Deluxe….. Shows are put on by the Sex and Millions Group which have to be seen to be believed.


If after all that you are still ready for more… head to Metro… Barcelona's official top gay club. Opening hours : Every day from 2 am. On Monday: in the nights of cabaret, Tuesday: Sexy boys, on Wednesday: big party, on Thursday: bingo, on Friday Saturday and Sunday.


Metro is 100% gay open every day. It has two rooms in the same space, five bars, dark room, videolounge. Dance music, house with resident dj's Bratt, Cani in the mean room and daily spectacles, music a little more “petarda” in the second room.

Everyone loves Metro….

Cute Guys

A pretty four-some…

Cute Guys

Hot Couple…

Cute Guys…

Cute Guys

For further info visit Metro Site

A Gay Christmas in Sitges… 2006

Christmas in Siges 2006

Its great to hear (via email) that a lot of you guys are planning on visiting Sitges for the festive Season. We have been asked several questions about what Christmas is like in Sitges. Like most places, the lead up to Christmas is fairly frenetic with lots of shopping, planning and cooking.

Christmas Eve, 24th December (Nochebuena)


Christmas Eve is known as “Nochebuena” (the Good Night). It is a time for family members to gather together to rejoice and feast around the Nativity scenes that are present in nearly every home. The Christmas Eve gaiety is interrupted at midnight be the ringing of bells calling the families to “La Misa Del Gallo” (Rooster's Mass). The most beautiful of these candlelight services is held at the monastery of Montserrat, high in the mountain near Barcelona, which is highlighted by a boy's choir performing the Mass as if in “one pure voice”.

Boxing Day, 26th December (San Esteban)

Día de los Santos Inocentes

The feast of the Holy Innocents, December 28th (Día de los Santos Inocentes) This celebration is equivalent to our April Fool's Day, and is a day for practical jokes (las inocentadas).

New Years Eve, 31st December (Nochevieja)

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve is known as “Nochevieja” (the Old Night) as it is the last night of the old year.

Sitges is as busy a place to be as any for New Year's Eve. Most people go out for dinner (so advance restaurant reservations are essential). Later on people go out to party with most of the big gay discos open especially for the night. A lot of Gay people come over from the UK, Germany and France to celebrate in true Spanish Style!

New Years Eve

Many also head for Barcelona and visit the main square (you have to get their early)…. This is not for the faint-hearted. Bottles are thrown into the air and everyone brings their own Cava to celebrate. Firecrackers are left off right in-front of your face so be prepared for mayhem… well worth a visit though!

One tradition appears to be fairly new, it seems to go back to a year when there was a surplus of grapes, and so a new tradition was started.

Everyone has to have twelve grapes prepared, and then as the clock strikes each of the strokes of midnight of the old year you must eat a grape, those that do not finish their grapes will not have good luck in the New Year ! New Year begins in Barcelona like a Carnival party with people in masks in the streets, who-like everywhere in Spain – try to eat 12 grapes during the last 12 seconds of the finishing year. A tradition that is said to bring good luck – if you manage it.

New Year's Eve Barcelona

A lot of the big gay clubs have major parties on for New Years… we will be bringing you their events as we get them. Keep posted for more details on Sitges too as we receive them, we'll let you know!

Tomorrow The Perfect Christmas Present

Update: Dec 8th 2006

Restaurant Eeterna – Drag show and dinner for New Years Eve.. great fun…

Gay T Dance – Always popular… lots of sexy boys. Gay T Dance is sex-on-legs… lots of cute guys..and some Spanish posers… but good fun.. hard house music (as in most of Spain)

Metro Disco – One of BCN's biggest gay disco..popular with tourists and ex-pats

Salvation – hard core clubbing.. lots of boys with their shirts off etc..

Halloween… parties


Those of you planning to come to Spain for the long-weekend of Halloween should keep an eye out for the big parties in Barcleona. The one we recommend is taking place at the Gay Tea Dance on Sunday the 30th. It's know as “THE BLACK GOTHIC HALLOWEEN PARTY: Halloween night + Porno of your life!”

The best thing about this party is the dess code. Nothing too bad.. just wear black.. something black.. Our dress up in a nice police uniform like the boys above and come and arrest us.

We're waiting to see what the local Sitgeans are going to put-on for Halloween… just watch this space.