Fight the flab – Gyms in Sitges

Gay Gyms Sitges

Now that the new year is upon us, many of you will be visiting Sitges with all those resolutions packed firmly in your designer luggage! But not to worry, one promise that you can keep to yourself is the one where you decide to get a new body. And no we're not talking about cruising the beaches… we're talking about going to the gym to tone up and get fit.

Believe us, you will be glad you did, as the boys are very very buff during the Summer in Sitges. Take Greg and friend from Holland last year who had many a boy swooning on the gay beach over the summer.

Gay Gyms Sitges

There are several Gyms in Sitges, the most well know being GSS. However there are others. Vital Fitness on Joan Salvat Papasseit, 38 is also popular. A really nice local gym is Gimnasio Vilata on Santiago Rusinol,Tlf: 938 943 555.

And if you want to try something different try Smash! Pilates-Sitges and get a total body workout. Tel: 616 894 479