Tango at New Port..

New Port Tango

If you’re looking for something a little different and extremely entertaining, then check out the Tango Nights at New Port. The next one takes place on the 29th of January with music provided by the excellent Nuevos Aires Trio….

Check out New Ports full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

The perfect cappuccino….

Cappuccino Sitges

In between dodging falling plants and crashing windows in the storm on Saturday, we popped into El Arte Del Cafe… fortunately they had electricity…and delicious vanilla Cappuccinos…. EL Arte del Cafe is the perfect place to sit and relax with a coffee, snack or light meal, day or night.

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Sitges Carnival Schedule – 2009

Sitges Carnival Parade Schedule

The Carnival 2009 King and Queen and Parades Preliminary schedule has been announced!

Sitges Carnival Parade Schedule

  • 19/02, 19.00h: Arrival of the King of Carnival
  • 19/02, 19.45h: The Choosing of the Carnival Queen
  • 22/02, 21.00h: Rua de la Disbauxa
  • 24/02, 21.00h: Rua de l’Extermini
  • 25/02, 19.30h: Burrial of the King

For further information on Carnival, check out the full listing on Gay Sitges Guide.

Happy Hours – Sitges…

Sitges Happy Hours

If you’re heading to Sitges this weekend, then pay a visit to B-Side and Oreks. Both bars are very busy at the weekends… and don’t forget, they both run happy hours before 12am… so get there early and get your crisis-beating-prices…. buy one..get one free! Enjoy.

Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Bars sections for further details.

Beach Boys 2009

Gay Beaches Sitges

Its cold in most of Northern Europe..and from the emails we’ve been receiving the past few days, it appears most of you can’t wait for your Summer Holidays in Sitges!

Gay Beaches Sitges

So, we went through the best photos we had taken last year…as well as the ones submitted by our readers…

Gay Beaches Sitges

You can check out the beaces of Sitges by visiting Gay Sitges Guides Beaches section here.

Gay Beaches Sitges

Interestingly, looking out recent Statistics… the google search terms “Nude Beaches Sitges” is very popular….hmmm!

Gay Beaches Sitges

Remember, there are 2 nudist beaches and one main gay beach in Sitges, however during the peak summer months you will find gay people on all of the beaches…. although the boys who like to “see and be seen” tend to hang out at the Gay Beach in front of the Calipolis Hotel.

Gay Beaches Sitges

Stay tuned for further beach updates as we help you prepare for your 2009 trip to Sitges.

Sitges Carnival Video

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHzsI_h449g 285 234]

Madrid and Barcelona 2009


We’ve just completed our annual update of listings in Madrid and Barcelona and have integrated Google’s 360 street views into all or our listings

So if you are heading to Barcelona or Madrid this year, you can take a virtual tour before you go.


Check out Gay Barcelona 4 U and Gay Madrid 4 U for the latest gay events, parties, schedules and more.

Sitges Surfing 2009…..

Sitges Surfing

While the rest of Spain seems to be suffering a cold spell… Yesterday, Sitges was enjoying an unseasonably warm afternoon!

Sitges Surfing

And as the Surf came up, the weather was perfect for the Surfing boys of Sitges to come out and play! Its been a while since we saw them out!

Sitges Surfing

The Big Kahuna Store offers everything you need in Sitges to go surfing and is located at the end of C.Jesus.

Sitges Surfing

Most of the surfing takes place beyond the Calipolis hotel, closer to the Terramar end of Sitges… as San Sebastian Beach currently resembles a building site to make way for the promenade that will connect the nudist beach area of Balmins to the heart of the town!

Priape Wear – in Sitges…

Priape Wear

Canada’s hottest cloting brand is now in Sitges… Priape has some great clothing and underwear to help you look your very best. And they are all available at es4u Sitges. Check out their listing at es4u Sitges.

And check out this video of Mr Priape 2008… very hot!

Countdown to Carnival 2009

Sitges Carnival 2009

Remember, its less than one month to Carnival.. so make sure you have your costume organised… your apartment or hotel booked and pack your Carnival Spirit. The bars are already planning their parties for the gay Carnival. We will keep you up-to-date as we receive the latest information.

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