Weekend fun in Sitges

Sitges in September

A mixture of bears and young cute Barcelona boys were to be had last weekend…. and this weekend promises an even more diverse group as people get ready to celebrate the Santa Tecla Festival.

Sitges in September

It was a late night..so after one at Privilege it was off to do the Clubs, namely Trailer and Organic……

Sitges in September

There is at least another month of heavy partying left in Sitges before the season slows down a little…

Sitges in September

As always, people tend to go out late and party even later. Bars and clubs get busy from about 11 or 12 depending on the bar. Clubs open from about 2.30, but really get busy after the bars close at 3.30/4am.

Sitges in September

Most of the Summer theme nights are set to continue for a week or two, so check out the Day by Day guide for Sitges for full details

Sitges in September

Check out the bars and clubs section for full details all of the gay bars in Sitges.

Photographic Holidays in Sitges…

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Passionate about photography? Want to improve your photography skills or take a Photography Holiday? Sitges Photographic School offers short Digital Photography Courses which provide a comprehensive introduction to Digital Cameras, Digital Photography and the fascinating world of Digital Arts and Digital Imaging with Photoshop CS3.

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Santa Tecla Schedule Update

Santa Tecla

We have the translated Schedule of Events for Santa Tecla this weekend. You can view the entire itinerary on Gay Sitges Guide’s Events section. But the main event is the Fireworks which take place on Sat 22nd at 11pm. We recommend you get to the beach early, to ensure a good viewing position!

Cabaret hits Barcelona

Cabaret Barcelona

If your in Sitges over the comming months then its worth knowing that Cabaret is playing in Barcelona until early 2008. It will probably be one of the best performances of Cabaret you are likely to see. The legendary musical which has broken all box office records, is to open at the Teatre Apolo de Barcelona from the 26th of September. Prices from 21.60 € to 72.25 €. You can buy your tickets online here.

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Calendar Boys – Final Shots

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If your comming to Sitges for a warm September break then AndysRooms.com has some limited late deals available starting at just EUR 65 per night for private ensuite rooms in the centre of town. Check out http://www.andysrooms.com for further details

Sitges Calendar

A big thanks to all of the people who sent in requests for shots last week. There was a great response, however not everyone could be seen. A shortlist for next years issue is now being drawn up.

Sitges Calendar

The focus this week was at the Port where Philippe had 3 boys from Barcelona who certainly look the part. Calendars will be onsale instores and online from mid November 2007. For further information on the Calendar contact photodesk@gaysitgesguide.com

B Side Underwear Night

Finally, remember tonight is B-Sides famous Underwear night. And if the weather continues as hot as it has today…then you will be in the mood to strip later on. Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Day by Day section for more information.

Sunday in September – What to do

Sitges Beaches

You’re in for a treat today..the weather is simply beautiful and is set to continue this week….with some days expected to top 27 degrees.

Weather in Sitges

The gay beaches were packed solid this afteroon as people relaxed before this evenings’ Wine Festival activities, which kick off on La Fragata from around 5.30pm.

Beach House Sitges

Later on, we suggest you check out the Beach House Restaurant, which offers some of the best Mediterrasian food in Sitges. Great value, delicious menu and cute staff make this restaurant one to book well in advance!

Underwear night, September 2007

After dinner check out some of the many theme nights which are set to continue right through September…. Don’t let anyone tell you that there’s nothing to do here in September..its simply untrue! Man Bar’s Underwear night is an experience. You have to go at least once during your trip!

Leather Night, Bears Bar

Fancy some leather action…then check out Bears’ Bar..

Privilege Sitges

Hot hot hot…simply some of the best looking boys in Sitges head for Privilege on Sundays.

Prinz, Striptease

And Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without Lady and her strippers…Remember don’t be shy…wear your best underwear! You might want to show it to everyone at Prinz!

Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Day by Day section for more information.

Santa Tecla – Schedule Announced

Santa Tecla Festival, Sitges

This year’s Santa Tecla festivities have been announced. As soon as we translate them, we will have them live on the site for you. The main events take place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd…. If you didn’t get to see Fiesta Mayor then this will give you a little taste of what you missed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

You can view more information on last year’s event on Gay Sitges Guide’s Events Section.

Bears Week Sitges – Video Blog

Its been a fun week in Sitges and Barcelona, with lots of Bears and their admirers enjoying an extended Summer Break. Shots taken in Bears Bar, Privilege, Bourbons and at Souvenir…half way between Sitges and Barcelona. Check out the Bars section on Gay Sitges Guide for more information. Enjoy!

Bears Week Sitges – Galleries

Photo Galleries

Photos from this week’s Bears Week from XXL and Bears Bar are now live.

You can view the XXL Gallery Here
You can view the Bears Bar Gallery Here

Visit Gay Sitges Guide’s Interactive Gallery section for further details.

Bars in September – Galleries and Events this Wed.

Bears Beach Party

Forget the Bears Picnic… go to the Beach Party instead at XXL… for Bears and their admirers….

Privilege September

For those of you looking for some hot young Barcelona boys, you might want to check out Privilege….

Privilege September

Check out some photos from this September here.

Mediterraneo September

Those who plan to party before they even hit the clubs might want to check out Mediterraneo…

Mediterraneo September

Located on C.Bonaventura, its large open spaces attract a great crowd from about 1.30am… View more photos here.

Oreks Sitges in September

Always busy…with great staff and excellent Music, check out Oreks.

Oreks Sitges in September

Oreks attracts one almost everyone in Sitges at some point during the night, so you will meat everything from your hot disco boy to your rugged bear… its up to you to choose who you take home! More September photos here.

Magical Stripper, Prinz

Finally, tonight its the Magical Stripper at Prinz…. this guy has to be seen to be believed! Beautiful body… and some great tricks to boot! (We’re talking magical ones here now boys!). View his gallery on Gay Sitges Guide here.