Gay Photographic Gallery opens in Sitges

Gay Art Gallery

Gay business openings continue to flourish in Sitges and out latest congratulations goes to which is located on Cia Germans Maristes 6, just a short walk from the train station in Sitges. We attended their grand opening on a beautiful Sunday afternoon last weekend.

Gay Art Gallery

The people at Sitges Gay Image have completely renovated the gallery. There are some beautiful pieces of orignal artwork onsale, all produced using Giclee Print Technology. A giclee (pronounced “zee-clay”) comes from the French word, “fine spray”. These digital prints are produced by the application of millions of tiny pigment-based ink droplets sprayed onto fine-art paper or canvas.

Gay Art Gallery

Right now, you can book an obligation-free studion shot (approx 1 hour). For further information contact

ES4U Opens in Sitges

ES4U Sitges

Congrtulations to Rene and Olaf on the opening of their new ES4U store in the heart of Sitges.

ES4U Sitges

The opening party was a huge success with business people from the town mixing with tourists and well know locals.

ES4U Sitges

The store is located on San Pere and looks amazing. It has been transformed over the past month into a store that offers great clothing brands at reasonable prices.

ES4U Sitges

The ES4U Brand is becomming increasingly popular, especially in Spain given that the georgeous boys of the Mr.Spain contents were all wearing ES4U swimwear for the competition.

ES4U Sitges

Look out for the special flyers in town which offer a 10% discount to those visiting the store. The range is simply superb. You can view the entire collection by visiting

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Weekend Photos…

Mediterraneo. Gay bar Sitges

A long posting for you today… with lots of photos. Its a long weekend in Barcelona and in other countries across Europe. So we had a large influx of Irish, French and Spanish boys this weekend.

Mediterraneo Club Sitges

Mediterraneo is located on Bonaventura, just a minutes walk from the centre of town.

Mediterraneo Bar Sitges

The club is large and spacious and packs out every night it is open during the Summer Season.

Bar Mediterraneo Sitges

Locals and tourists mix alike in a cool relaxed atmosphere. This is definitely a club to chill and be nociced in!

Club Mediterraneo Sitges

Saturday night is probably the busiest at the moment, but as the Summer rolls in, expect a full house every night of the week.

Gay Mediterraneo Sitges

Right across from Mediterraneo is Bourbons Bar, one of our local favourites.

Bourbons, Sitges

Be sure to say hello to Eric when you are in… he pours some great Vodka!

Gay Sitges Bourbons

And if your looking for waiter service and don’t fancy a queue at the bar then Manu will be happy to help!

Bourbons Gay Bar

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Beach Tips

Beach Tips

As it is a bank holiday weekend, the beaches are going to be busy. In fact, from now right until the end of September, space will be at a premium. Our top tip is to get to the beaches before 12pm if you want to get a good spot, especially on a Sunday. All of the beaches have a store where you can buy food, ice cream and water, etc…

Beach Tips

One thing we do recommend is to rent one of the pedal boats for at least an hour. Sitges looks amazing from the sea, and its great fun, especially if you are in a group…or are looking for some extra privacy! You can rent sun lounges by the day for between EUR 5 and EUR 9.

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Summer Season Kick Off Party

Privilege Party

Don’t forget, Privilege is having their Summer Season Kick Off Party tonight from 11.30.

Introducing the Boyz of Prinz!!!

Boys of Prinz

Prinz have just published their Summer Line up for 2007. We’re particularly excited about Tuesday nights “The Shower” party… which promises to be one of the hottest in Sitges…

When you’re there, be sure to say hello to the Prinz Boys, Santiago (above) and Guillermo (below)…. delicious.

Prinz Bar Sitges

Remember, Lady Diamond kicks off this weekend on Sunday. Prinz is on C.Nou, just off C.Mayor. – UPDATE – Now moved to next weekend… we can but wait!!

The day-by-day guide has been updated with the latest information sent in by the bars and clubs of Sitges.