Bars… boys…and ….

Its been a crazy few days… Galleries will be uploaded this evening.. but for those of you who can’t are a few photos of the bars of Sitges, where every night is like a Saturday night from now until the end of September! XXL Beach Party Organic Bears Bar Oreks Bourbons

Win! A Beautiful Sony Walkman Phone

Its that time of the month again… Congratulations to Peter Ridley who won a beautiful Prada Phone in last month’s competition. James is from Florida and will be in Sitges in August.. so look out for him and his fab phone! This month we have a Sony Walkman Phone! Great for the beach, just sit […]

A Cocktail and Some Latin Jazz…

If you are in Sitges on Thurs the 21st then we suggest the following itinerary. After the beach why not hit the Beach House at 5pm for one of their delicious EUR 2 cocktails….. You can even get to meet the lovely Luis, their latest waiter. Check out the full listing on Gay Sitges Guide’s […]

Privilege Summer Party

It was a weekend for parties, launches and events…. so here goes the round up. First off we had Privilege’s summer party. Privilege is located on C.Bonaire and is always a favourite spot during the Summer months. The party attracted a wide range of age groups with everyone having a good night thanks to hosts […]

The Margallo Experience

On Friday Night, Sitges Pulsations held their gala dinner to launch their brand new album, The Margallo Experience. The CD is a fusion of the best of chill-out with a classic french twist, inspired by the beauty of Sitges. The Margallo Restaurant is the perfect place to watch the sunset at the end of the […]

A tale of two clubs.. Organic and Trailer

Organic and Trailer are the two main gay nightclubs in Sitges. Each attracts a different type of guy, but most people tend to go to both…. in different orders or during different days.. Organic was full of cute boys on Saturday. Make sure you check out the local flyers to find out what special parties […]


Bourbons was once again packed this weekend… It was definitely a melting-pot of different types and nationalities this weekend.. We want to say a special hello to the boys from Gaydar Radio who were over for the weekend.. Bourbons is located on C.Bonaventura, just two left turns from the centre of Sitges..(Cap de la Vila) […]

Clothes off…or Leather On?

If you like stripping down to your underwear or dressing up in dark leather, then there are two parties that should keep everyone happy this Sunday. Man Bar is having their underwear night tonight. Its got to be on your list of places to visit…at least once! And Bears Bar is having their “Dark/Leather” Night. […]

Privilege – Special Party

Privilige is having a very special party this weekend. With a new chill out VIP room, special cocktails and Cava, great music and large dancefloor…. make sure you pay them a visit!

Stay in the heart of the old town… has some amazing offers for the last 2 weeks in June. Stay from Just EUR 250 per person sharing, for 7 days, in a beautiful 500 year old catalan house full of charm and take home views such as the one above as you walk through Sitges old quarter on your way to the […]