A quickie in Barcelona – The best way to see the city… in an Instant

Barcelona Tour - Gay Sitges Guide

Between hopping in and out of Souvenir, dancing at Deitrich's and shopping on the Ramblas, whilst returning for your siesta in Sitges… it's little wonder that so many of you boys and girls have to come back more than once to see Barcelona properly.

So may we recommend the touristic-bus tour of Barcelona. Its not cheap at EUR 18 per day… as the information given on the tour is pretty basic. But if you don't have a lot of time and you want to see all of the major sites, it is highly recommended.

The Tourist Bus has 44 stops along three routes: Northern Route (red), Southern Route (blue) & Forum Route (green).

You can get on and off as many times as you like along the journey. This way, once you have visited those places you have been interested in you can catch the next bus and continue the route with the same ticket.

On board, there is a tourist information guide who announces the stops in different languages and helps you to make the most of your visit. But to be fair, your guidebook will provide better info!

Barcelona Tour - Air conditioned buses

During the summer the open-top buses are great fun…. You will probably need to bring a jacket in November.. but on Saturday Barcelona was a sweltering 26 degrees and the queues to get on the buses went on for miles. We will have more to follow soon in our new Barcelona site which launches next week.

Stay tuned… we have 22 more in development.

PS – We can't guarantee that all bus drivers will be this cute of that accommodating with their Uniform! Visit the official bus touristic site to purchase tickets online.

Did somebody say Fire?

Firemen Bilbao

This post finds itself further afield than Sitges today…. all the way to Bilbao. You see the firemen of Bilbao have posed in a calendar, Bomberos de Calendario en Bilbao !, to raise funds to attend in Olympic games for firemen and police.

Hasn't he got a lovely Fire Engine!

Bilbao Calender

We certainly know where the fire is! Reminds us of the gay foam parties in Sitges.

Foam Fireman

All I can say is I'm off to see the local fire department. I must be missing something. Are all Spanish firemen this hot?


All for a good cause.

Expect a busy Saturday Night in Sitges

Expect a busy Saturday Night in Sitges this weekend. Last weekend saw numbers swell with lots of boys and girls partying until the early hours of Sunday morning. (as can be seen from the photos). Expect a lot more people this weekend given the extra-long St Columbus weekend. If you are out be sure to say hi.

Boys of Sitges

Boys of Sitges

Boys of Sitges

Heat Barcelona – The Boys visit Sitges

Heat Barcelona

The international gay erotic film fest Heat Gay 2006 took place last weekend in Barcelona. If you like your boys buff and “movie-star-like”, then this was the place to be!

It consisted of daily mud wrestling, erotic massage classes, a dark room and photo bed all. International superstars in attendance included Rafa Carreras, Brad Patton, Carlo Massi, and Johan Paulik.

Sebastian Bonnet

Rumours abound that 2 of the more famous boys were househunting here on Friday…. and are spending the weekend with some close friends.

Brad Patton

Don't worry… if Gay Sitges Guide sees them out we will tell them you said “Hola”! Heat takes place next year on the first week of October. Make a date in your diary.

Even when it rains Sitges is still Beautiful.

Well, what weather have we been having! Today the clouds cleared, and it looks like it will be a beautiful weekend… But since Tuesday we have had some spectacular thunder storms, as these photos show. Truly stunning.

Here is a view of the lightening against the clouds over the Port Aiguadolc at Sitges. Reminds me of a scene from the Witches of Eastwick!

Weather in Sitges

And here you have the gathering coulds behind the beach. Believe it or not the water was still warm with people swimming as the lightening hit and the rain poured!

Clouds behind the beach, Weather in Sitges

The forecast for the weekend is good. Sitges generally has a very mild climate with over 300 days of Sunshine. You can check out average temperatures throughout the year here.

Happy St Columbus Day – Sitges 2006

St. Columbus Day 2006

A happy St. Columbus Day to all of our readers. It's a national holiday in Spain and in most of Latin America and the US. Most people here are making it an extra long weekend..taking Friday off aswell. We expect a lot of local Spanish boys and their Barcelona friends to hit the clubs in Sitges this weekend. So if you're visiting expect a lot of locals.

Enjoy the day!

Celebrity Visitor Hits Sitges

Ian Somerhalder, Lost, Gay Sitges, Sitges Film Festival

Well boys, wouldn't you like that in your bed! Good news.. he's in Sitges.. .bad news… hes Straight…. but hey.. that never stopped a gay boy!

Ian Somerhalder, Lost, Gay Sitges, Sitges Film Festival

We haven't had much in the way of eye candy at this year's Sitges Film Festival. Some of the movies have been spectacular, but not so many actors as previous years. All that changed this weekend when Ian Somerhalder dropped in to say hello to his film buddies. He was here to promote his latest movie, Pulse. If you don't know Ian, most Spanish people will recognise him as Boone Carlyle from the hit TV series Lost.

Sitges Film Festival

The movie, from the brilliant mind of Wes Craven, is a tecnho-horror…if there is such a genre. Its an ok movie. When their computer hacker friend accidentally channels a mysterious wireless signal, a group of co-eds rally to stop a terrifying evil from taking over the world. The best bits are definitely watchin Ian on screen!

Gay Sitges Guide, Cinema Sitges Film Festival

The Gay Route to Sitges

The Road to Sitges, the gay way

For those of you who are traveling to Sitges by car, may we suggest that you take the mountainous route. Didn't know there were two ways to get to Sitges? Well there are! The most common route (C-32) is through the mountians via the autopista. It costs approximately EUR 5 and gets you to Sitges in a jiffy…but it's rather a monotonous route.

We suggest you take the alternative route. Its the C-31. Mind you, you have to be a fairly confident driver. The bends on the road are hairpin and the drop on the other side is spectacular. Not to mention the crazy motorcyclists and the huge trucks roaring past you every five minutes! But it is worth it. We recently took two friends back to the airport via the mountain route at night with a full moon to light our way. The views of Sitges were amazing.

The Road to Sitges, the gay way

So, don't be a common boy or girl. Take the gay route. The views of the little coves and beaches on the way to Sitges are stunning and it is the perfect way to start your trip to Sitges. Of course the best way to travel is in a high-performance car. So book a nice convertible or better still something that will get all the boys turning in your direction. For high performance car rental we suggest you visit Elite Rent-a-Car, a swiss company with offices in Barcelona and a fantastic range of automobiles.

Beats the long queues on the train, that's for sure!

Seven Reasons why Sitges Still Shines out of Season!

Gay Sitges Seven Reasons to Visit

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists, both Gay and Straight, decend on the tiny town on Sitges to take in the breathtaking views, Catalan cuisine, beautiful beaches and stunning gay boys and girls, only to leave it just as quickly by the end of September.

But as we have discovered recently, there is a lot to be said for visiting Sitges out of season… It makes a great weekend base to explore Barcelona or the perfect stress-free getaway, where you can relax and unwind from the cares of the world.

Here are out top 7 reasons why Sitges shines, no matter what time of the year!

1. SUN

With 300 days of Sunshine and a unique microclimate it's more likely to be Sunny in Sitges while the rain pours down in Barcelona. Temperatures in October are around 21 to 22 degrees high. And whilst it gets cooler in the evenings, it’s still great to walk along the beach at midday and feel the warmth of the sun!


Off Season is quieter. With fewer tourists around there's no battling to get that perfect sun lounger on the beach. Waiters and barmen are less stressed so service is generally better, but remember it is Spain so the mañana factor will always apply!

3. SEX

Locals will be glad of the new face… and they will probably remember it the following day. With fewer tourists to choose from, your chances of scoring have increased 10 fold! Cruising happens everywhere in Sitges, but there are some regular well known places too.


Sitges is only a 30 minute journey from Barcelona. There are some great sales on in October, from Laptops to Leather Items…oh err! A lot of the shops in Sitges have some good bargins at this time of the year as well.. before they close for the season.


The local tourist office puts together some amazing tours in October. Imagine a night tour of Garaff Natural park, or travelling back in time and exploring the architecture of the Americanos'. The tours are intimate, personal and a great way to learn more about the culture of one of Spain's most cosmopolitan destinations. Barcelona has something for everyone… from dancing dogs to the best that Gaudi had to offer!


Some of the bars close in October, but favourites such as El Piano, Prinz and Oreks keep the music pumping where you can dance your ass off until the early hours of the morning! Catch up with a local and practice your Spanish!


After your out of Season visit, you will have made some great friends and know exactly where everything is! What better forward planning for your next visit during the crazy Summer Season… or better still why not book your weekend for Carnaval in February.

Remember, if you need any help, advice or guidance in planning your next trip to Sitges or Barceloan, drop us a line.

Looking for a mansion in Sitges?

Sitges Houses Americanos Route

Like most other things, the Houses in Sitges are truly spectacular. Its no wonder so many gay men want to make Sitges their second home. This tour takes you through scenic routes to see the architectural gems from the times of the Americanos, Sitges residents who, between the late 18th century and the 1930’s, immigrated to Cuba in search of fortune and who, returning to their village, invested a large part of their savings in constructing buildings and mansions. The houses by the oceanfront are more reminiscent of the mansions of old Cuba or new Miami than of Spain.

It is truly breathtaking to take in the Mediterranean ocean on one side and these beautiful houses on the other

…..not to mention all the fine gay men on the beach!

Boys of Summer, Sitges Gay Beaches

This route consists of about 80 different buildings and monuments created during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They are Americano buildings that belonged to traders from Sitges, and the first examples of summer homes built in the Terramar garden city. The different styles that went into building them (neoclassicism, Romantic, eclecticism, modernism and noucentismo) represent different stages that set the town apart.

So for the perfect tour of Sitges finest architecture, visit the Ageis website. Tours are the third Sunday of each month and cost EUR 8.00 per person.

Reservations: 619 793 199 or contact GaySitgesGuide.com if you wish to organise your own private tour.