Seven Reasons why Sitges Still Shines out of Season!

Gay Sitges Seven Reasons to Visit

Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists, both Gay and Straight, decend on the tiny town on Sitges to take in the breathtaking views, Catalan cuisine, beautiful beaches and stunning gay boys and girls, only to leave it just as quickly by the end of September.

But as we have discovered recently, there is a lot to be said for visiting Sitges out of season… It makes a great weekend base to explore Barcelona or the perfect stress-free getaway, where you can relax and unwind from the cares of the world.

Here are out top 7 reasons why Sitges shines, no matter what time of the year!

1. SUN

With 300 days of Sunshine and a unique microclimate it's more likely to be Sunny in Sitges while the rain pours down in Barcelona. Temperatures in October are around 21 to 22 degrees high. And whilst it gets cooler in the evenings, it’s still great to walk along the beach at midday and feel the warmth of the sun!


Off Season is quieter. With fewer tourists around there's no battling to get that perfect sun lounger on the beach. Waiters and barmen are less stressed so service is generally better, but remember it is Spain so the mañana factor will always apply!

3. SEX

Locals will be glad of the new face… and they will probably remember it the following day. With fewer tourists to choose from, your chances of scoring have increased 10 fold! Cruising happens everywhere in Sitges, but there are some regular well known places too.


Sitges is only a 30 minute journey from Barcelona. There are some great sales on in October, from Laptops to Leather Items…oh err! A lot of the shops in Sitges have some good bargins at this time of the year as well.. before they close for the season.


The local tourist office puts together some amazing tours in October. Imagine a night tour of Garaff Natural park, or travelling back in time and exploring the architecture of the Americanos'. The tours are intimate, personal and a great way to learn more about the culture of one of Spain's most cosmopolitan destinations. Barcelona has something for everyone… from dancing dogs to the best that Gaudi had to offer!


Some of the bars close in October, but favourites such as El Piano, Prinz and Oreks keep the music pumping where you can dance your ass off until the early hours of the morning! Catch up with a local and practice your Spanish!


After your out of Season visit, you will have made some great friends and know exactly where everything is! What better forward planning for your next visit during the crazy Summer Season… or better still why not book your weekend for Carnaval in February.

Remember, if you need any help, advice or guidance in planning your next trip to Sitges or Barceloan, drop us a line.