Hot in Sitges

Well Boys!!!! It is hot in Sitges at the moment. We are in the middle of heatwave…and the temperatures are set to rise again tomorrow.

The beaches were packed this Sunday… so packed in fact, that the beach captains took over almost all of the public beach with the overpriced deckchairs… but it was better than sitting on the Sand.

Dsc02100 The usual hotties were out and about (view gallery)..but the straights were outnumbered at last… it only took the Hot weather to make that happen. However most of the pics we took show boys with girls, for some strange reason.

The straight boys were out in force on Friday night, the eve of Sant Joan and fireworks were going off until at least 5am in the morning…. despite the buckets of water being thrown over the balcony on to those below on the narrow streets.

012Of course, Barcelona, being typically Spanish can not make up when Gay Pride starts and finishes, so they decided to run it for a few weeks! Always guaranteed to generate a crowd, check out the website for the latest events. 

LoveballRemember, it is only 30 mins form Sitges. And don't forget The Love Ball…. we especially recommend the Pool Party (video) (site)  …if it is anything like the one we were at in Rio last year, then Spain is in for some HOT fun.

A boy's work is never done… so make sure you are safe and happy when you travel… always be prepared… because, in Sitges, you never know when fortune will smile upon you.

Just try and remember where your hotel room is boys!