A Concert at Midnight?

Keeping up with its image of style and sophistication, Sitges hosts a series of concerts again this year, all themed with the anniversary of Santiago Rusinol in mind. The concerts are indeed spectacular, with many taking place by the marina. You can purchase tickets in Cap de la Villa every evening and they are reasonably priced, given the quality of each performance.

ConcertLiving, not far from where some of the concerts take place, I can attest to the quality of recent performances….. it is simply amazing opening your doors and sitting on the balcony to hear the amazing sounds drifting over the balmy Summer air.

So if you fancy something different…or less taxing than the constant clubbing, then a midnight concert may be just the ticket! Anyway, given that the party doesn't really start until 2am most nights, you can always head out a little later, still sure in the knowledge that your night has only just begun!

As always, remember to be smart and play safe!

Where: All over Sitges
Time: 11pm or 12pm, depending on Venue
Details: Sitges Tourism Site