Sitges Fireworks

Fireworks1 The Fireworks I spoke of last week were indeed amazing. I have seen Firework Displays all over the world and whilst this one was small in size, it was spectarular for its sheer intimacy. We were all on the beach in San Sebastian and the fireworks were literally going off right over our heads. Unlike shows in Sydney and Washington where you are far from the action, these fireworks were right on top of us! Every single firework was set off to a musical score and the entire event was organised by one of the world's top fireworks artists, who also happens to live in Sitges.

The fireworks were centred around a barge that was floating a few hundred metres out to sea. Those lucky enough to have a boat of some sort (we did see some boys on a li-lo we must admit) had the best views.

The pre-show event was a little disappointing in that the seating area for the VIPs did tend to block off the view of the spectators who did not have a seat.

All in all, another great reason to look forward to the main festival, 'Fiesta Mayor' in August.