Ruby’s Terrace during Bears Week Sitges – September 2011..

Ruby’s Terrace has certainly proved a popular venue for Bears this September.. The terrace, which is right in the middle of the “BearZone” had standing room only last night..

Ruby Sitges celebrates her Birthday!

Ruby Sitges celebrated her birthday last night.. in Style.. It was a veritable who’s-who of Sitges…

Ruby Sitges… always happy to see you!

Ruby is always happy to see you in her little corner of Sitges! The terrace is really picking up since the beginning of the month and you will always get a warm welcome and some local Sitges gossip, plus a cocktail or two! What more could you need?

Ruby’s Terrace – Open from 4pm Saturday’s and Sundays in Sitges.

Ruyby’s Bar and Terrrace will be open from Wed to Sunday. The Terrace will open from 4pm on Weekends (Sat and Sun), the perfect way to relax and chill out after an afternoon on the beach.

Ruby Sitges Big Opening…. (Party)!

Sitges giliterati were out in force on Saturday Night for the opening of the latest new bar in Sitges, Rubys!

Ruby Sitges…Tuesdays..Wednesdays..and every day in Sitges..

If you haven’t heard of “RubyGate” by now, well then we don’t know where you’ve been. Miss Ruby, the infamous sister of the illustrious Lady Diamond, has opened her very own Bar and Terrace in Sitges.