Oreks Sitges – Open every night in Sitges…

Saturday night in Sitges and you should always make time for a visit to Oreks! Experience the real spirit of Sitges.. great music and a fun atmosphere..and always a warm welcome!

Oreks – A May weekend in Sitges…

Check out the photos of Oreks on Gay Sitges Guide during the weekend.

Oreks during Sitges Carnival 2011 – Friday 4th March

Friday night and Oreks was once again packed with party-goers out for a good time during Sitges Carnival.

Oreks – Sitges Carnival / Carnaval 2011..

Oreks is open throughout the Carnival Festivities with some of the most amazing decorations and galmorous patrons in town! Their big night is on Monday the 7th of March with a special Prize Night.. so you could win the perfect outfit for the Tuesday Parade!

Oreks – New Year’s Eve in Sitges 2010

New Years Eve at Oreks was, as always, a festive affair! Oreks is open nightly throughout the Winter Season from 10.30pm.

Oreks – Mid week fun in Sitges – September 2010.

Wednesday night in Sitges and Oreks is always a popular spot, especially with their best of 70’s and 80’s disco night.

Gay Sitges in September – Oreks…

Check out the photos of Oreks, open every night in Sitges throughout September.

Oreks – September in Sitges, 2010.

If you’re in Sitges this weekend, make sure you pay a visit to Oreks. A great atmosphere, good music and a cruisy dark room, make for a winning combination. Oreks is open nightly from 10.30pm. Check out the photos of Oreks on Gay Sitges guide below.

Oreks, Sitges, August 2010..

Check out the photos of Oreks in Sitges, with a great Stripper Show at weekends…