Sitges Spring Massage Special..

Spring Massage Special

Casa Relajese Sitges is offering a 10 percent discount on all Massage Treatments booked and taken during March! So relax with a hot stone massage or try the traditional Swedish Massage! The choice is yours!

Visit Casa Relajese on Gay Sitges Guide here.

4 Things to do this weekend in Sitges…

Sitges March

We’ve had some emails in the past couple of days asking for advice on what to do this weekend in Sitges. It appears some of you are taking advantage of the latest Ryanair sale. So our first piece of advice is to come a day early and start your weekend on a Thursday… and visit Bourbons Bar… where it’s happy hour all night!

Sitges March

After a long night of partying, why not relax and indulge yourself with one of Casa Relajase’s new Hot Stone Massage.

Sitges March

On Sunday, enjoy a taste of home by visiting Monroes for Sunday Lunch. Reservations are recommended and lunch kicks off at 2pm.

Sitges March

Then, if all those cars in the car rally gets your motor going… check out Sauna Sitges. Enjoy your weekend!