Gay Beach Party – Hot Nights – End of August 2012

The party continues every Tuesday at the Gay Beach Party. There are still 3 more parties left until the end of Season.

Bitch Beach Party at the Gay Beach Party 2012

Tuesday’s Gay Beach party was ultra sexy! The Bitch Beach Party is a little bit fantasy, a little bit sleazy..

The White Night Party at L’Atlantida

The White Night never fails to amaze! It is one of the most anticipated parties of the Season.

Barcelona Circuit Festival 2013

The 2013 Barcelona Circuit Festival takes place from August 8th to 18th.

Gay Beach Party 2012 – End of July.

We are on the cusp of the August bank holiday weekend and the crowds in Sitges are growing daily. The Beach party is one of the highlights of the Sitges Party week!

Gay Beach Party – Decadanse Strippers 2012

The Gay Beach Party hosted the Decadanse Party on Tuesday night. And watch out for the Stripper photos, not for the faint of heart!

Decadanse at the Gay Beach Party – August 2011.

Tuesday night and it was the return of the Decadanse Party to Sitges.. The Gay Beach Party played host to the team of DJs and dancers that brought the Pride Party in the Park to Sitges in July.

Gay Beach Party – Bitch Beach Party 2011

August has arrived and the Gay Beach Party gets more and more busy.. The club kicks off at 12.30am with free buses from opposite the Hotel Calipolis every 15 mins.

Gay Beach Party – Opening Night at L’Atlantida..2011

So much for all the confusion…. L’Atlantida has reopened for the Summer and with it The Gay Beach Party. A little bit later, maybe, but definitely bigger and better than ever..

Gay Beach Party Sitges – Closing Party – Sitges Bears Week.

Check out the photos of the Gay Beach Party’s final night at L’Atlantida for Summer 2010.