Cruising at Sitges Carnival – Bukkake 2014

Bukkake Sitges

If you are coming to Sitges for Carnival and are looking for a fun time, then head to Sitges newest and most popular cruise and sex bar, Bukkake! The bar really took-off last year to become one of the hottest action bars in the town and it reopens from the 25th of February right through to the 11th of March…. Don’t be shy!

Bukkake Sitges – Autumn/Winter opening hours..

Bukkake Sitges

Bukkake, Sitges popular cruising bar is open throughout the Autumn/Winter period from Thursdays to Sundays…and its open late. Its a great place to go for a drink and meet friends…or to go cruising in the dark room and mazes… the choice is yours.

Check out the photos of Bukkae below.


Sitges Foam Party – Trailer – July 2013.

Sitges Foam Party at Trailer

There’s nothing quite like a foam party in Trailer on Sundays..

Sitges Foam Party at Trailer

The legendary event takes place every Wednesday and Sunday in on of Spain’s most famous gay clubs.

Sitges Foam Party at Trailer

The party kicks off at 2am. Advance tickets can be purchased in Central Bar Cafe.

Sitges Foam Party at Trailer

Make sure you oil up well before you venture into the foam.

Sitges Foam Party at Trailer

This year’s event is sponsored by Bar Code – check out ES4u Menswear for the latest Bar Code club and fetish wear.

Bukkake Sitges – At the weekend in Sitges!

Bukkake Sitges

We can’t show you the inside of Bukkake just yet as we are awaiting a special photo shoot! However the bar is big, friendly and has more space to play than you will know what to do with!

Bukkake Sitges

Don’t be shy.. even if Miss Ruby occasionally keeps watch.. you can always just visit the bar to go for a drink..and never step foot behind the maze of glory holes, special chairs and more! Well worth a visit! Bukkake is located on C.Joan Tarrida and opens at 00.00 daily.

Bukkake at the end of June!

Bukkake Sitges

Bukkake, located on C.Joan Tarrida continues to attract a wide range of clientele looking for a fun night out. Its definitely worth a visit… even if you are just curious to see what all the talk is about! The bar is open nightly until very very late! Listing coming soon.

Bukkake Sitges!

Bukkake Sitges

Bukkake, Sitges biggest gay cruising bar opened during Pride and was “one in – one out”…it was so busy. Since then, the bar has become a popular spot for guys looking to have fun. It is also a popular bar for “after-hours”…as it is open until well after every other bar and club has shut down.

Bukkake Sitges

The boys of Bukkake are very friendly. Go have a drink, check out the decor and see what you’ve been missing! Their Facebook page is here.. Their listing is coming soon.

Bears Bar – Underwear Parties Reutrn

Bears Bar

The very popular Red Afternoon and Underwear parties return to Bears Bar every Sunday from 18hrs to 22hrs. And you get a free second drink with the official flyer.

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Bears Bar – Special Underwear and Sex Party

Bears Bar Party

Bears Bar hosts a special Sunday afternoon underwear and sex party during Bears Week Sitges this weekend.

The party starts at 6pm. Have fun!

XXL – Discover your dark side this Easter..

XXL Sitges this Easter

XXL will be open for the entire Easter Weekend. With one of the cruisiest dark rooms in town, this is definitely the bar to head to if you want to hook up for some fun. They also have great music and friendly staff.

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Bear Zone at XXL – Sitges Bears Week 2011..

Bears Week Sitges

The Bears week certainly attracts a complete mix of people…. Bears, admirers, cubs, chasers, muscle boys, twinks and the odd straight boy..

Bears Week Sitges

Its that relaxed atmosphere that makes the event so special. New friendships are easily made as the streets are full of friendly guys out for a good time.

Bears Week Sitges

This year the Gay Bear Village will be at the bottom of C.Bonaire on the Paseo. It is hoped that this will help cope with the volumes of visitors, meaning less noise-disturbance for the people living in the C.Bonaire area. It is also a great venue, right by the Mediterranean Sea.

On and a world of warning..the ladies don’t let their straight cubs go without a fight!

Bears Week Sitges

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