Sitges Carnival 2015

Sitges Carnival 2015

Sitges Carnival 2015 will take place from the Tuesday 10th of February – Wed 18th of February 2015. The king of Carnival opening ceremony will take place on Thursday the 12th of February and the two main parades will make their way through the town from 7pm on Sun 15th & Tue 17th of February.

Book Your Hotel for Carnival now or why not consider a seafront apartment and watch the entire parade from your balcony.

Check out coverage of the 2014 Sitges Carnival below.

Cruising at Sitges Carnival – Bukkake 2014

Bukkake Sitges

If you are coming to Sitges for Carnival and are looking for a fun time, then head to Sitges newest and most popular cruise and sex bar, Bukkake! The bar really took-off last year to become one of the hottest action bars in the town and it reopens from the 25th of February right through to the 11th of March…. Don’t be shy!

Party Every Night at Privilege during Carnival 2014.

Privilege Carnival

Privilege, one of the most popular dance bars in Sitges will open on Thursday the 27th of February until the 5th of March. Experience a different theme and party atmosphere every night at the bar fills up with some of the hottest guys in Sitges!

For more details check our Privilege’s full listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Parrots Pub and Terrace – Sitges Carnival 2014

Sitges Carnival Parrots 2014

Parrots Pub and Terrace is at the epicentre of Sitges Carnival. The bar will open from Tuesday the 25th of February and continue partying right through to the Merry Widows night on Wednesday 5th of March.

For full details check out Parrots Pub’s listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

The Merry Widows Dinner – Carnival 2014

Merry Widows Dinner - Carnival

At the end of Carnival and after the burial of the king, finish your celebrations where they began, at L’Angle. The Merry Widows Dinner is one of the funniest nights of the entire Carnival as Widows moan over the death of the Carnival King.

There are prizes for the Merries, most sympathetic and most elegant widow! Reservations are essential. Contact +34 667 617 900.

The New Adventures of Mojito & Co – Sitges Carnival.

Mojito Carnival 2014

Plz Industria is at the heart of the gay carnival in Sitges. It serves as the focal point for people meeting, partying and having fun throughout the 7 days of the event. Mojito & Co at the corner of Plz Industria is the perfect place to stop on your way through Joan Tarrida!

Check out Mojito and Co, open every night for Carnival. Visit their full listing here.

Parrots Restaurant at Sitges Carnival 2014

Parrots Restaurant Sitges

If you get hungry during Sitges Carnival (and you will believe us), then make sure you reserve a table at Parrots Restaurant. The restaurant is right in the heart of all the madness and mayhem of Carnival on C.Joan Tarrida.

Parrots Restaurant is open from the 26th of February until the 5th of March…and has a very festive theme this year! Check out Parrots Restaurant on Gay Sitges Guide here. For reservations contact +34 938 941 350.

Bar 7 at Carnival Sitges

Bar 7 Sitges

One of Sitges longest running bars celebrates another Carnival this year. Bar 7 will open from the 27th of March to the 4th of March. The Traditional night for Bar 7 in Sitges takes place on the 2nd of March – Noche de Regalos or Prize night… – dress to impress.

Yummy at Carnival Sitges

Yummy Sitges Carnival

Yummy Sitges will celebrate its very first Carnival in Sitges from the 28th of February to the 4th of March. The bar is the perfect location to watch the madness and mayhem of the parades and the passing crowds! Visit YummySitges for more details.

Behind the Mask at Ruby’s

Rubys Sitges

Everyone’s favourite terrace at the cross roads of Sitges gay life reopens on Thursday the 27th of April until the 4th of March. Just who will be behind that mask! Check out Rubys listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.