Noche de las Primeros – Oreks

Oreks Prize Night

Fancy wining the ultimate dress for your trip out in Carnival.. or maybe some other prizes? Then Orek’s Noche de las Primeros..or prize night is the night for you. It takes place on the 23rd of February.

Check out last year’s event below of visit Orek’s Listing on Gay Sitges Guide for further details.

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Noche de las Mantillas – Comodin

Comodin Sitges

It is probably one of the most famous nights of the Gay Sitges Carnival, Noche de las Mantillas at Comodin, and it takes place on Tuesday February the 17th. Check out last year’s photos below of view Comodin’s page on Gay Sitges Guide here.

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Carnival … come prepared…

Carnival Sitges

Carnival is not for the faint of heart, its over 7 days of pure partying…

Carnival Sitges

Three things to remember. First… bring plenty of costumes… Second… bring something warm (depending on the weather… this year its later, so hopefully the temperatures will be reasobnable). Third… bring your camera… to capture those all important shots … well we can’t be everywhere!

Carnival Sitges

We’ve been asked a record number of questions regarding this years Carnival… so despite the crisis, it appears that people still intend to buck the trend and his Sitges once again for the party of the year… If you haven’t booked yet, there are still some rooms available. Check out for further details.

For more on Carnival, check out the galleries of the past 3 years on Gay Sitges Guide here.

Sitges Carnival Through the Years

Sitges Carnival

For the next four weeks, a unique exhibition takes place at the Mercat Vell. It showcases some of the best photos taken of the Sitges Carnival throughout the years. Just check out those costumes from over 40 years ago! For ideas of course.

Carnival at Loca Cola

Carnival at Loca Cola

Loca Cola becomes the centre point of Sitges Carnival with some of the best costumes and the perfect venue to watch the parades pass by! Their 2 major parties are on Tuesday the 18th and Tuesday the 25th of February.

Check out the galleries below or visit Loca Cola’s official listing on Gay Sitges Guide here.

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Carnival at Marypili…

Marypili Sitges

Marypili are the first to send in their Carnival Poster… and we expect many more to arrive over the next few days. Maryplil’s theme this year is all thing pirates… so that should provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Marypili will be open for the entire of Carnival. You can find out more about the bar by visiting their listing on Gay Sitges Guide here or view the gallery below.

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Carnival… who will you be?

Carnival Sitges 2009

With Carnival just a few weeks away, make sure you get your very best costume together…. You don’t have to dress up, but the locals will put you to shame if you don’t! A huge amount of effort goes into each costume and this year’s theme is still a closely guarded secret… But as per usual, expect everything from Cowboys to Trannies at this event!

Check out last year’s parade photos below.

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And don’t forget has some great deals on apartments and rooms in Sitges for the Carnival Period. Check out for more details.

Sitges Carnival Details – 2009

Carnival 2009

Its time to start planning your costume for Sitges Carnival 2009.

Check out the video blog of some of the key moments of the past Carnivals…

And see what happens in the bars and clubs in this video.

Carnival kicks off from the 15th of Feb right through to the 25th with the parades taking place on the 22nd and 24th of Feb.

Visit Gay Sitges Guide’s Carnival Listing Page Here.