On the beaches of Sitges…

Nude beaches in sitges

One of the most common questions we get asked via email is about Sitges Beach Life… especially the cruising aspect and the nude beaches. Well all of the answers you need can be found on Gay Sitges Guide’s beaches section. And in August after 11pm, the front promenade is always busy!

Capoeria Sitges

And you never know what you might find when you walk the beaches of Sitges, day or night. Here you can find a little taste of Brazil on the beaches of Sitges as these two cuties practice the art of Capoeria.

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See you on the beaches!

Gay Sitges Guide at the Beach…

Gay Sitges Guide

Sunday afternoon and in between working with the Lonely Planet TV crew, we managed to catch a few photos of some hot guys in Sitges..

Gay Sitges Guide

The beaches are particularly busy on Sundays so get their early to ensure a prime position!

Gay Sitges Guide

You can check out the galleries by visiting the link below.

Rainbow Beach – Sitges July 14th 2009

rainbow beach, sitges

Join us at Rainbow Beach tomorrow and chill out with some of the hottest boys in Sitges at the ultimate gay beach, Rainbow Beach. The party takes place at Alberto Beach, just after the Calipolis Hotel.

Complete with a VIP area, bar, tapas, sun lounges, DJ and lots more..its the perfect place to spend a Tuesday afternoon while you top up your tan for the long night ahead. See you in the photos on Wednesday!

Surfing in Sitges … April..

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

This weekend saw some great surfing in Sitges. The weather was warm and the ocean swell provided some great surf right across Sitges.

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

Sufring is very popular in Sitges, especially late in the evening. Having said that, most of the surfers photographed here were from France, on an early holiday.

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

If you do fancy surfing, the best beach options are just before the Aiguadolc Port or up by the Terramar Hotel.

Surfing in Sitges April 2008

We’ll keep our eyes open for more surfers throughout the Summer Season.