Third Annual Beach Tennis Championships

Beach Tennis Championships

The third annual Beach Tennis Championships of Catalunya takes place Saturday and Sunday the 16th and 17th of October.

The event is being held at La Fragata Beach with matches beginning at 10am and continuing throughout the day.

Beach Tennis Masters 2010 Sitges.

Beach Tennis Masters 2010

The third annual beach tennis masters takes place this October at La Fragata Beach in Sitges on the 17th ant 18th. This event was extremely popular last year! The event takes place from 10am until late in the evening.

Circuit of Catalunya – Beach Tennis Masters, Sitges, October 2009

Sitges Tennis Masters

It certainly looks like Sitges is in fitness mode this October. Yet another sporting event will take place this month. On Sunday the 18th of October, Fragata Beach hosts the annual Catalunya Beach Tennis Masters.

And believe us, these guys take Beach Tennis very seriously. They have their own sets of rules and over 20 teams will take place in this years competition.