Friday – Fiesta Mayor Details

Fiesta Mayor, Sitges

There are some very early parades (circa 6am), so it should be interesting to see people comming home late from the bars and mixing with the early morning tourists!

The main event tonight is the Saint Bartholomew Procession & Traditional Folk Dances which kicks off at The Bastion at 7.30pm

Fiesta Mayor, Sitges

The route is as follows, Bastion, Fonollar, Sant Joan, Davallada, Barcelona, Santiago Rusiñol, Jesús, Sant Bartomeu, Sant Gaudenci, Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila Square, Parellades, Bonaire, La Ribera Esplanade, Nou, Major, Town Hall Square, Bastion.

La Ribera Esplanade, 20:15. Sardanas (Catalan Folk Dance): «Cobla S. Jordi-Ciutat de Barcelona».

Cap de la Vila Square, 23:00. Sardanas (Catalan Fol. Dance): «Cobla S. Jordi-Ciutat de Barcelona», «Cobla Jovenívola de Sabadell».

La Ribera Esplanade, 23:00. Open-air dance with orchestras:
La Banda del Drac and Disco Móvil Platja d’Aro.

Gay Sitges Guide will have full photo galleries and coverage of all of the events later on today.