Santa Tecla – Final Parade – September 2008

Santa Tecla Sitges

The final Santa Tecla parade took place on Tuesday evening..

Santa Tecla Sitges

Even though it rained…. it didn’t damp the spirits of the performers!

Santa Tecla Sitges

You can view the full gallery on Gay Sitges Guide by visiting the link below.

Santa Tecla Fireworks Sitges 2008.

Santa Tecla Fireworks

Last night saw some spectacular fireworks for the Santa Tecla Celebrations.

Santa Tecla Fireworks

Crowds of people packed the beaches to celebrate the annual event.

Santa Tecla Fireworks

Then it was off to the bars and clubs where people danced the night away!

Santa Tecla Fireworks

The celenbrations cluminate today with the parade of fire through the town.

Santa Tecla Fireworks

The route includes Fonollcar, San Joan, Davallada, Barcelona, Santiago Rusinol, Jesus, Cap de la Vila, Parellades, Bonaire, Psg de la Ribera, Major, Plz de l’Ajutament.

Santa Tecla Fireworks

Remember to wear a hat if you intend to dodge the fireworks.

Santa Tecla Fireworks

The parade kicks off at 7.30.. Enjoy!

Sitges Santa Tecla Fireworks – Tonight from 11pm

Santa Tecla Fireworks 2008

Remember the Santa Tecla Fireworks take place tonight at 11pm on the beaches of La Fragata. Get their early to guarantee a great viewing position.

The 25th Anniversary Parade – Photos – Sitges

Sitges Santa Tecla

Saturday Night saw dragons and beasts of fire from the surrounding towns, decend on Sitges to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Sitges Dragons…

Sitges Santa Tecla

Accompanied by the usual drummer bands, locals and tourists, the town came alive to the sights and sounds of another Santa Tecla…

Sitges Santa Tecla

The drummers even dropped by GaySitgesGuide’s offices and performed a special routine for us!

Sitges Santa Tecla

You can view all of the dragons and the full gallery on Gay Sitges Guide below.

Santa Tecla 2008 – Schedule

Santa Tecla 2008

This year the group who organise the fireworks parades through town celebrate their 25th anniversary on the 20th of the month…so expect some spectacular displays through town!

We also have details of the key events of the festival:

20th September

  • 6pm to 10pm – The Beasts of Fire.
    Cap de La Villa, Jesus, Santiago Rusinol, Barcelona, Davallada, Sant Joan, Raco de la Calama, Baluard, Ajuntament, Major, Nou, La Fragata

22nd September

  • 21 Gun Salute at 2pm
  • Musica Concert on La Ribera at 6pm
  • Town Procession at 6.45pm: Ajuntament, Major, Cap de la Vila, Jesus, Sant Sebstian, Sant Damia, Rafael Llopart, Port de N’Alegre, Baluard, Vidal, Quadras, Fonollar, Baluard
  • Fireworks Display – 11pm

23rd September

  • Human Towners – 7pm – Cap de la Vila
  • Procession in honour of Santa Tecla – 7.30pm
    Fonollar, Sant Joan, Davallada, Barcelona, Santiago Rusinol, Jesus, Cap de la Vila, Parallades, Bonaire, Psg de la Ribera, Nou, Major, Ajuntament, Balaurd

27th September

  • Human Tower Show – Cap De la Vila – 6.30pm
  • Rock Concert – La Fragata – 11pm

Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s Events Section for further details. Check out last year’s blog postings on Santa Tecla Here.

Santa Tecla Fireworks

It can be difficult to video Fireworks, but Esteban seems to have captured some of the best moments of the recent fireworks during the Santa Tecla festival. This just gives you a falvour of what to expect if you attend any of Sitges major festivals.

Santa Tecla – Galleries 2007

Santa Tecla 2007

The Santa Tecla Festival finished today with an amazing parade through the old town. The fireworks on Saturday night were spectacular and we will have those photos for you shortly.

Santa Tecla 2007

Santa Tecla is the second biggest event in Sitges after Fiesta Mayor and the parades are a central part of the celebrations.

Santa Tecla 2007

This is the guy that you should run from if you come accross him in the street! He spits fire so wear a hat if you intend to follow him around… a huge tradition with the local Spanish kids.

You can find out more about the events taking place in Sitges by visiting Gay Sitges Guide’s Events section. The parade gallery can be seen here.

Santa Tecla – Parade Route

Santa Tecla, Sitges

Make sure you check out the Santa Tecla Parade this Saturday. It starts at 7pm approx and takes in Bonaire, Joan Tarrida, plaça Indústria, Marquès de Mont-Roig, Parellades, plaça Espanya, Espalter, Sant Josep, Sant Bonaventura, Sant Francesc, Cap de la Vila, Major, plaça de l’Ajuntament i Baluard.

Santa Tecla, Sitges

Then head for the beach where the fireworks parade begins at 11pm. Then its off to the bars and clubs from one of the biggest nights of September. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the bears.

Check out Gay Sitges Guide’s events section for details on upcomming events over the next few months.

Santa Tecla Schedule Update

Santa Tecla

We have the translated Schedule of Events for Santa Tecla this weekend. You can view the entire itinerary on Gay Sitges Guide’s Events section. But the main event is the Fireworks which take place on Sat 22nd at 11pm. We recommend you get to the beach early, to ensure a good viewing position!

Santa Tecla – Schedule Announced

Santa Tecla Festival, Sitges

This year’s Santa Tecla festivities have been announced. As soon as we translate them, we will have them live on the site for you. The main events take place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd…. If you didn’t get to see Fiesta Mayor then this will give you a little taste of what you missed! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

You can view more information on last year’s event on Gay Sitges Guide’s Events Section.