Join Lady Diamond on the official Gay Sitges Guide Pride Float…

Gay Pride Sitges

Are you coming to Sitges for Pride? Well then why not help us out.. and join Lady Diamond on the official Gay Sitges Guide float.. Its going to be a great day out and you even get a hot costume! You can also join us after for a VIP drink or two.

Send us your details below. Please note places are limited.

Gay Sitges Pride – Summer Open Air Concerts

Gay Pride Sitges

The Gay Village on the sea-front will provide the backdrop for some spectacular Summer Concerts during Gay Pride Sitges!

“Abba – The Show”, the ultimate Abba Tribute Band will provide Friday night’s entertainment followed by a spectacular Fireworks display.


Jose Galisteo will provide the “eye-candy” during the weekend…


Barbazul should keep all you bear-lovers happy!


Don’t forget you can still enter Mr Gay Sitges and Miss Drag Queen Sitges which also take place in the Gay Village. Check out Gay Pride Sitges for a full itinerary.

Gay Pride Sitges goes to Maspalomas Pride!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Last weekend saw the AFGAL volunteers head off to Gran Canaria to prepare the Gay Pride Sitges float for Maspalomas Pride.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Lady Diamond and Miss Ruby were accompanied by DJs and photographers to put on a show that would show the 50,000 participants in Gran Canaria Pride just what Sitges has to offer..

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

We met many familiar faces… visitors to Sitges, who will be coming for Pride and many new ones who will be first time visitors this year!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Thousands of Maps and Gay Pride Flyers were handed out all weekend in the Yumbo centre and during the 5 hour parade though the streets of Maspalomas..

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

The event was an ideal opportunity for Gay Pride Sitges to publicise their very own pride to an international audience.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

As well as the hunderes of official photographs which you can see here, several thousand were taken by tourists, keen to get a shot of our ES boys, our special guests Lady and Ruby and of course their assistants.. Ivana and Hernan..

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

The weather topped 30 it was hard work.. and we had a lot of willing volunteers to come on to the Sitges float.. indeed it was one of the most popular!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

AFGAL would like to thank all of the people involved in putting together the float and promoting the event throughout Gran Canaria.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

A big thanks too to Sitges Tourism.. without their sponsorship of the event, the trip would not have been possible.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

The next Pride at which Sitges is participating in is Barcelona which takes place on Sat the 28th of June… If you would like to come along and be part of our float please email We are always looking for sexy Volunteers!

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

AFGAL are also seeking to take part in the Madrid Pride event.. to ensure we get the message out to as many people as possible about Sitges first every Pride. AFGAL are still seeking sponsors for the event. All donations gratefully accepted – email to see how you or your business can help.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Full photos of the Friday and Saturday night’s events can be see on our galleries at Gay Gran Canaria below.

Gay Pride Sitges at Maspalomas - Gay Gran Canaria

Gay Sitges goes to Gran Canaria for Maspalomas Pride!

Gay Sitges Pride visits Maspalomas Pride

Greetings from Gay Gran Canaria… where Gay Sitges Pride’s float is getting ready to take to the streets of Maspalomas for the annual pride celebrations. Look out for Lady Diamond.. the es collection boys, the gaydar angels and a host of other familiar Sitges faces in the photos coming next week!

And hopefully we will see all the Gran Canaria boys back in Sitges for Gay Pride Sitges from July 9th to 13th…

Gay Pride Sitges – Bigger and better…

Gay Pride Sitges

We’ve just learned that Gay Pride Sitges party in the park has been moved to a spectacular new location. The Terramar Gardens, capable of holding more then 5,000 people will play host to the two main parties on Friday and Saturday Night from 12am to 6am. And you know what fun forests in Sitges can be!

We will have more details on Artists and DJ’s soon. Check out Gay Pride Sitges for the latest information.

Sporty boys – We need you for Gay Pride Sitges!

Pride Sports

As well as a series of Cultural Events and Parties, this year’s Gay Pride Sitges will also host a range of sporting events. If you would like to take-part or volunteer to help out, contact our Pride Volunteer Centre for more details.

Gay Pride Sitges 2010 – Media Coverage

Gay Pride Sitges

Its been a busy week for Gay Pride Sitges. Most of the major international gay magazines have an advert for our very first Pride. From Holland to Sweden, Germany, Ireland, US, France, Spain and beyond.. its going to be hard not to miss the event! Booking requests and visitors to the official Pride website are flowing in… so make sure you have booked your place to stay for the week!

More ads will be featured in several European magazines over the next few months with full editorial coverage of what Sitges has to offer in the May editions of many print publications. And expect a marketing blitz from Pride’s partner, Gaydar soon!

Stay 3 nights – Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Book These Hotels.

– Stay 5 nights – Friday to Wednesday – Book These Hotels

Gay Sitges Pride – WE WANT YOU!

Pride Sitges

Are you coming to Sitges for Pride? Would you like to be more than a spectator? Well, why not join us on Gay Sitges Guide’s official Float for the entire parade and after party! We’re looking for lots of people to make this a fun parade, so from muscle gods to drag queens and everyone in between.. you are more than welcome.

Remember, you just have to be fit enough to last the pace! Want to be involved, just let us know via our Facebook page! You just have to be available..and in Sitges, on the 10th of July.

Tips to getting your Sitges Apartment or Hotel for major Events!

Sitges Events Hotel and Apartment

We had an email yesterday from a very upset guy from Canada. He was planning a trip for Pride and had read somewhere that nearly every hotel was booked solid!

Well. YES, it is very busy, but lets separate fact from fiction. Here’s a few hints on how to get the Hotel or Apartment you want for Carnival, Sitges, Fiesta Mayor or indeed any time of the year during the peak season.

1. Book Early – Yes, we know we’ve said it before, but the earlier you book, the better!

2. Stay a while – Don’t expect the hotels to have availability for just one night in August or for the day of the Pride Parade – Its not going to happen! If you want a hotel or apartment for a key event, then you need to stay at least a minimum of 4 to 7 days, not just one or two!

So – Find out How Many Hotel Rooms are left for Pride – July 7th to July 12th 2010

How Many Rooms Are left for Carnival – Fri 12th – Thur 18th February 2010

How Many Rooms are left for The Circuit Party – July 31st – Aug 9th 2010