Sitges returns to New Normal from de-escalation

Sitges reopens into a “new normal” as we enter phase 1 of 4 phases, set to end by the end of June!

Sitges reopens

Bars will terraces reopened in Sitges this week, with new rules in place to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

  • All bars will operate with fewer tables.
  • Social distancing is mandatory. (1.5 m distance between tables)
  • Masks are mandatory where it is not possible to practice social distancing
  • Strict sanitary and hygiene procedures have been implemented in all venues in Sitges.

International borders are set to reopen at the end of June. Hotels are now taking reservations, with some of the best rates we have seen in over 10 years.

Please check the Sitges Travel Advisory for the latest information on openings, date changes and more!

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