POSEIDON – Sitges Boat Party 2018

The POSEIDON boat party returns for #sitgespride18 with an open bar and on board beach BBQ on Friday June 15th at 11am.

Poseidon Boat Party

The POSEIDON Boat party was one of the highlights of the Sitges Pride last year and returns in 2018 on Friday June 15th. The boat leaves from Sitges Port, a 10 min taxi from the centre of Sitges.

The boat party includes:

  • Sail and return from Sitges port along the coast of Sitges.
  • Open bar throughout the journey (once we clear the harbour).
  • Onboard BBQ offering delicious food.
  • A sea pool where you can swim in the Mediterranean
  • The ADDICTED gogos and great DJ –  you can dance and have fun!

This event will sell out online. Tickets will not be available on the day, so please reserve in advance.

Check out the route and the photos of the catamaran below!

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